Words Tell You Time With Biegert & Funk Watches

After decades and even a century at seeing numbers when you look at your watch, there is now a day when words will tell you what time it is.  I am looking forward to this watch by the very creative team of Biegert & Funk.  They already have a wall clock and desk clock in the same design, but to put one on your wrist will be WAY COOL!

Available in Autumn of this year.  Definitely going to give you a new experience with telling time.


Thursday picks for a night out

For work tonight, I decided to go with a more summer look.  The Gap plaid button down has a nice bright yellow, some purple, and blacks that go perfect with my Nudie Dirt Dry Organics.  I can’t forget my Mondaine watch to match my Timberland Lost History Oxfords and I top it off with some Richer-Poorer Grey socks.

Mondaine Mens Big Date Wrist Watch

The Swiss made Mondaine Men’s watch is a eye catcher.  It has a clean minimalist design that one can appreciate yet it demands much attention.  The bright detail of red used sparingly throughout the watch makes it pop out that much more.  I use this watch mainly when I go out at night to dinners, events, or work.  I had my eye on this for quite sometime before I pulled the trigger to get it.  The only thing that I do not like is that it is not waterproof.

The Mondine Watch Company is known for historic railway station clocks and is the official Swiss Railways watch.  What caught my eye the most is the beautiful red secondhand with the ball at the tip.  Many people never notice a second hand when wearing a watch, but with this one you can’t help but notice the smooth ticking and mid century like design.