Get some exercise in with TRX

Here’s a pic of a good friend of mine showing a new home exercise system called TRX. I am excited to try it out but wanted to share it with you guys too and hear what you’ll think about it.


Naked and Famous Skinny Guy Black Power Stretch

Naked and Famous always comes out with very basic jean designs with no decals, signature logos, or branding at all.  With the Power Stretch they kept to the original plan and made a basic black stretch jean.  So out of all the jeans I have, these are one of my most comfortable.  The reason is because of the stretch material in them.  The Power Stretch is made from 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane.  The fit is very snug, more tighter than any of my denim reviews.  They fit very tight on the thighs with minimal room, and taper slightly after the knee.  They do come very long, approximately 35″ and I had to cuff them a bit.  The finish on these jeans are very clean with a shimmer.  They don’t exactly shine in the light or anything, but it does have a nice finish to the denim.  I did size up on these jeans since the normal size I wear looked like denim tights on me.  After a couple of days of consistent wearing, I thought that they would stretch out even more, but they have kept their form and continue to fit normally.  I do want to note that even with a size up, the waist fits like my true to size Broken Twill 100% cotton Naked & Famous Skinny Guys.

Fits like:

– Levi’s 510’s sized up 2 sizes
– Thighs of A.P.C. New Cure, but more tapered after the knee
–  Would be comparable to Nudie Thin Finn possibly sized up 1
– Definitely tighter than the 100% cotton Skinny Guy Naked & Famous Broken Twill

Again, these did not loosen up much at all even after daily wear.  I am hoping they don’t.  Very fashionable and hip and definitely different from any black jean I see on the market at the moment.