Nudie Grim Tim 46 Dips Selvage Raw Denim Review

With an 13.5oz Turkish denim these jeans are going to need some work breaking in.  For my 3rd pair of Nudie’s I want to let you know that this one is unlike the first two I reviewed.  The Grim Tim Dirt Dry Organic was stiff when I first got them, but nothing like the 46 Dips Grim Tim.  This one is hardcore.

If you are looking for a jean to wear everyday and work on, this would be it.  The jean feels so tightly constructed with tight Turkish denim.  The denim is dark (darker than Dirt Dry Organic or Dry Open Selvage),  it is a way tighter fit, and is shorter than the Dirt Dry Organic.  It is the same length as the Dry Open Selvage and I think its because Nudie knows that you will stretch these out after a couple of wears.

I have mentioned this before in my earlier posts and I’m not one to just wear one pair over and over while breaking them in.  I love raw selvedge denim looking to purchase a couple to rotate.  With these, I feel that I need to wear these out a bit to give it a good stretch.

Luckily the waist is high and not low waisted, otherwise these would have been returned.  The thighs are very slim and tight when you first put them on, but loosen up with time.  The knee stretches out well every time to sit down and the rest of the leg feels close to your skin. The 46 Dips will definitely take more time than the Dirt Dry Organic or Open Dry Selvage.

I would compare the stiffness to a brand new pair of A.P.C. New Cure jeans when you first get them and times that by 2.  Yes they are that stiff.

Don’t let that deter you away from getting your true to size waist.  I do not suggest sizing down on these, and if you are on the fence I would even recommend sizing up one.

Overall these are amazing jeans.  The cut is the slimmest of Grim Tim’s I’ve tried on.  Comparable fits would include Levi’s 511, Apc New Cure but with a slimmer below knee cut silhouette.  Naked and Famous Skinny Guy is a almost identical fit, but Grim Tim has a tad bit lower crotch and higher waist.


Nudie Dry Open Selvage Review

The Dry Open Selvage are a beauty to look at.  They have a light sheen shine to them and the denim is a unwashed and dry look.  These jeans are made with 12oz Italian denim. I have to mention how much I love the white trim on the coin pocket as I think that brings such subtle yet weight in detail to the already incredible looking denim.  These are very soft compared to my other Nudies and I am hoping it won’t stretch out too much.  I purchased them true to size, and only after about an hour they started to break in nicely.  The back pockets are not orange, rather a dark blue design, with orange stitching all over.  Very nice construction, with incredible dry look with a bit of shine to it. These are definitely one of my favorites this season.

The fit of the jean has a higher rise, slim thighs, and tapers after the knee.  The crotch is a bit lower and  overall the comfort level of this jean is amazing.  With the TTS fit they are the most comfortable selvedge raw jean to break in ever.

**I do notice this pair of Grim Tims are a little tighter than the Dirt Dry Organic Grim Tim that is the same exact size.  Another difference is that this pair is about 1 1/2 inches shorter than the Dirt Dry Organics.**

The Nudie Dry Open Selvedge can be compared to

– Levi’s 511 Skinny
– A.P.C. in between a Petit Standard and New Cure Thigh with a slimmer cuff
– Almost similar to Made & Crafted Tack, but a little more comfortable around the waistline and more roomy thighs
– Naked and Famous Weird Guy sized down 1, and possibly a Skinny Guy around the thigh sized up.

The material is much lighter than Naked and Famous Broken Twill and the A.P.C. line up.  The jean was still stiff when it arrived in the mail but just not as heavy as the rest.

Nudie Dry Dirt Organic


I wanted to do a review of the Dry Dirt Organic by Nudie Jeans. I do these reviews because, 1. I can never find a comparison review online about how one fits vs another brand. 2. I love selvedge denim and like to talk candidly about them. 3. I want to be able to help any other person out there who might feel the same way about denim as I do.

To be completely honest, I was never really attracted to Nudie Jeans. The thing that made me pull back was the back pocket design. It reminded me of Seven of Mankind, Citizen’s of Humanity, and AG Jeans. I am not saying that those jeans were not good, I just thought that it was too flashy. I don’t like to push brands on my body, even though I do like nice clothes. I try to keep things simple yet hip and stylish.

What got me interested in these jeans honestly was because they were on sale. I walked into a Lamb and Flag store prior to Memorial Weekend and noticed that the whole entire store was on sale. So I walked over to the denim table and took a look at what they had. The girl behind the counter told me that something was wrong with their registers and things were being marked down 45-50% off. I was amazed. I took a look at all their denim and grabbed these Grim Tims up. I have tried a Thin Finn in the past and found them to be too skinny on me so I figured these would be a better fit.

I was right. These jeans did fit great. They were not too skin tight skinny and they were very comfortable. The waist was a high one, with skinny but not tight thights and a taper to the bottom cuff. If I was to compare these jeans to A.P.C. I would have to say they are in between the Petit Standard and New Cures. They are a good comparision to the Levi’s 511 jean except with a higher rise.

I purchased them true to size and still found them to be a little tight. I had to break them in, but only for a couple of days. After that they have been amazing. The finish on these jeans are great to look at. The denim is 13.2 oz and heavy. They are comfortable to break in, and was not restricting like some other brands out there during break in periods. The pocket design wore off on me, and I started to not even realize them. The only thing I am afraid of is that maybe they will stretch out even more, so I try to rotate them with another pair of Nudies I have, along with A.P.C. and Naked and Famous Power Stretch.

For someone who is looking for a clean looking, nice fitting skinny (but not skin tight skinny) jean, go check these out. They have a tad bit of a lower crotch that is very modern and way these were built was done right. Again, heavy denim, dry organic feel, no shine or shimmer, and a great fit for someone who is tall and slender. There are many blogs out there that say to size down 1, but I just go for what you have. Its easier to break in and more comfortable in the end. You can always grab a belt if it gets looser to help sustain the waist, but when you are my age comfort goes a long way in selvedge denim.

The only thing I do wish these jeans had was a white trim along the coin pocket. I love small detail of color like that on selvedge raw denim.

**I did a review of the Dry Open Selvedge earlier and want to say that these fit a tad bit looser around the hips and thighs. When I say tad, I mean centimenters loose, not inches. But… it might be too early to say since I have worn these for a longer period of time than the Dry Open Selvedge.** The two pairs were purchased around the same time but I started to break these in first.

To compare these jeans to ones out there…

– Naked and Famous Weird Guy but sized down 1
– Levis 511
– A.P.C. In between a Petit Standard and New Cure thigh, but a slimmer bottom cuff
– More roomy in the thigh than Made & Crafted Tack

I used to be all about one jean and break them in and wear them till they break, but I am over that. I enjoy getting true to size, stretch them out a bit, and rotate them around.

Hope you enjoyed the post.

Thursday picks for a night out

For work tonight, I decided to go with a more summer look.  The Gap plaid button down has a nice bright yellow, some purple, and blacks that go perfect with my Nudie Dirt Dry Organics.  I can’t forget my Mondaine watch to match my Timberland Lost History Oxfords and I top it off with some Richer-Poorer Grey socks.