The iPhone 5 Is Here And Everyone Is Once Again Drooling….

I am definitely not hating. I am so happy that Apple is introducing the next generation in smart phones. I really believe that they revolutionized the way people look and use their phones, and they deserve to be getting this much attention.

What I really am excitied to see is the panamonium that will start as we get closer and closer to release day. With pre-orders already sold out in a matter of 2 hours, and for the people that didn’t get it online, well its going to be a search and rescue attempt on Friday September 21.

Lines of sleepless, eager, anticipating individuals are going to be forming outside of cell phone stores, and Apple stores and any store that may hint they are going to be selling the iPhone.

I was telling my wife, how this one product stimulates the econonmy so much, and that’s why I believe they deserve the hype it gets. Not only does Apple, and cellular companies make money, but there are so many different tiers that go down from there. Headphones, cases, bumpers, sleeves, screen guards, charms, adapters, speakers, usb for cars, microphones, apps, developers, games, and the list goes on and on. And this is off of one product.

Apple is a brand that I genuinely admire. I lost a bit of love for them when everyone started to jump on the bandwagon a couple of years ago, and also the iPhone 4s wasn’t much of a shocker, but overall they are solid products. They inovate, fascinate, and stimulate the public. There are not many products out there that are not living breathing individuals that get the attention and ovation that Apple Products do, especially the iPhone.

So as I close this article, I have already ordered mine, and will be anxiously awaiting the Fed Ex or UPS driver to deliver it Friday September 21, 2012. The questions I am pondering are…

1. With new Apps and even more ways to use your smartphone, how much storage did you opt to get? 16gb, 32gb or 64gb?

2. Since Apple released the White iPhone 4 late, and pretty much everyone that got a black iPhone 4 in 2010 opted to go with a white iPhone 4s in 2011… what color are you getting now in 2012?

3. Are you really excited about the design and look of the new iPhone… I mean really?

I am eager to hear what everyone says and look forward to conversing with everyone and anyone. Be well and safe.


Iphone Home And Snooze Your Alarm Clock With This

Do you use your iPhone for your alarm clock?  Do you have it laying on a nightstand or even on the floor?  Do you ever fumble in the middle of the night looking for your iPhone?  Well if you answered “YES” to any of these questions you must check this out.

This is called the SNOOZE.  Its created by a company called Distil Union.  Right now they are participating in a Kickstarter campaign to mass produce these homes for your iPhones.

I personally think this is a cool idea!  Off the bat its attractive, unique and it gives your phone a home rather than laying on your nightstand hooked to a USB adapter.  It even functions when you have a bumper on your iPhone.

You may wonder how it works.  Its easy.  The large white SNOOZE bar on top is the flexible and she n you press on it, pressure then presses down on the volume buttons of your iPhone.  When that happens all sounds go to silent including alarm clocks, calls, and any other alert that you may have.


These are perfect for gifts and yourself if you are like me, and like to SNOOZE 2-3 times before actually getting up.

Check it out at or you can help fund this project at to see a variety of colors they come in and more info about this company.

Never Ever Wonder Where Your Keys Are

Who loses keys?  I do!  I am terrible at finding my keys, wallet, and phone.  My 4 year old daughter will now remind me from years of hearing my wife say those exact things before I leave the house.

When I do find my keys I always tell my wife that someone should create an remote of some sort to help people like myself find things in the house.  I mean its there, but you just can’t remember where you put it.

Well the time has come and it works with the magical iPhone.

So now the only thing is that, YOU CAN’T LOSE YOUR PHONE!

You can purchase this item through for $66.00
Makes a great gift for your husband or wife or anyone else like myself who is constantly losing thins.

Retro Handset for iPhone

Such a cool idea!!!

Am I the only one that does not like the headphones that come with the iPhone?  I just don’t feel like it fits right.  They fall out, they shift when you move your head, and get tangled all over the place.

When I am at my desk and my cell phone rings, I usually hit speaker and talk while working.  The speaker sometimes is hard to hear from and the person on the other end sometimes can’t hear me.  Usually the call ends with “let me call you back.”

Well with this retro phone headset, it has been different.  Now I can comfortably multi task while on the computer, taking notes, eating, cooking, etc.  Just rest the headset on your shoulder like you did in the past and you now have use of both hands.  Overall the sound is pretty clear on both ends, light to hold and easy to use.  Plugs right into the headphone jack of the iPhone and you instantly have a retro house phone.

$11.49 at

Motion Math Hungry Fish Ipad App For Your Kids

I am always looking for new iPad games that are both entertaining and educational.

As of late, my daughter and I have been playing quiz games during our car rides.  She likes it when I ask her math questions in association with foods and toys.  Since she likes it, I feel that she is ready to learn even more, but at the same time I want it to be fun.

So I downloaded Motion Math: Hungry Fish.  Its free for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.  With 18 levels of difficulty it is a sure challenge for any toddler ready for math.

The main character in the game is a fish in the deep ocean.  The fish has a number on it and you must find ways to eat bubbles with numbers in it that add up to the number on the fish.  This game has great graphics and has good replay value.  Fun when played together with other children, and parent.

I recommend this to all parents looking for a new app, and plus its FREE!!!



Avocado An App For Couples Only – Social Media – Smart Phone

Everyone I know loves social media.  They love their Facebooks, Twitter, and Instagrams.  I enjoy them too.  When my wife and I first started to date we used to write on each others MySpace page (whoa… old) and then we slowly shifted to Facebook.  This was before we were parents and more wild and free.

Well as we gotten older, we tend not to write on each other’s Facebook wall and we tend to lose touch online.  We tend to be more private and text each other short messages, and or pictures of what we are doing with our daughter, while at work, eating, etc.


Well, some ex Google employees have come up with an idea that is a social media app that is ment for couples.  Pretty cool concept right?  I think so.  Avocado gives couples an application that is dedicated to the both of you and the both of you ONLY.  No one can see your wall, what you post, and what you send.  Its only between the two of you.

I think that it brings people closer together in our busy day to day life and being on our phones constantly.  Avocado has some quick notes already in the program that quickly lets your loved one know you are thinking of them and so on.

You also have a variety of photocons that you can send instead of using the trusty “emojins” on your iPhone that provide many a faces that you can make with your camera.  You can share photos between the two of you, and crate your own galleries that consist of different types of media.

Another great feature is the ability to make lists together such as a grocery list and for both to be able to view it from different locations.

Overall this is the place to be to collect all the moments in history as a couple.  To activate this app, you and your partner must have a shared password.  There must be two people that use it.

I think its a great idea.
Avocado is available in your app store for $1.99

Here are some interesting facts about Avocados in general
– They grow in pairs
– Avocado tree only bears fruit when paired with another tree or grown in a family
– Atecs believed avocados were symbols of love and fertility as well as other things

iPhone Creativity

Thought these were really cool inventions and wanted to share.  I love the creativeness and play on the popular Apple iPhone.

Apple has definitely sparked the imagination of many and has helped people to think out of the box.  With an ever so growing market of cell phone accessories, you must step up your creativity and come out with great products that provide the simple needs yet keep it simple and elegant.


Spy Mouse App For iPad or iPhone Will Equal Hours Of Fun Together With Your Little One

While waiting in line at Starbucks one afternoon I noticed that there was a card by the register with a sign on the bottom that says “Pick Of The Week.”  I picked it up and saw that it was a game called “Spy Mouse.”  Not thinking much about it, I put it in my pocket, ordered my coffee and went about my day.

I later got home and emptied my pockets.  My daughter who greets me everyday saw the card and asked me about it.  During this time, she just started to watch Tom & Jerry cartoons and was excited about seeing this card with the cartoon mouse on it.  She immediately asked me about it, and I told her it was a game of some sort.  Not knowing much about it, and assuming it was for older kids, I told her that if she was good we would look at it later.

Later came and she forgot about it, and so did I until I was up late and saw the card again with the promo code to download for free.  I decided to download it and check it out.  After that, I think I stayed up for an additional hour playing the game.  It was so addicting.  It was almost like Angry Birds all over again.

The game is pretty strait forward and the object is to collect all the cheese from the level before cats get to you.  The game is created to be a maze like format but not as cramped.  You move the mouse with your finger, directing it to go a certain direction or a combination of ways.

The next morning I showed my daughter the game and we must have played together for hours all together.  There are many funny animation acts that some of the characters do, interesting cat behaviors and overall a good game.  It was so much fun connecting with my daughter and laughing while playing the game.  I know that its not educational, but it was a game that the both of us can play together over and over again.

The game is pretty simple to beat, but it has replay value.  There are many hidden rooms and areas that can be found only if you play it over and over.  It makes my daughter very excited and happy when she is able to find these levels by herself, and accomplish all the goals.

Very good game and its available for the iPad and iPhone.

*** It is free right now for iPad with the HD version ***

Instagram For Your Business

Instagram is such a great and innovative app and Facebook knows this.  Thats why Mark Zuckenberg dropped 1 billion dollars to purchase this photo sharing application.  This used to be an iPhone only app and for that reason it felt very exclusive to iPhone users.  Now that its available for many other platforms, some users feel that it is too open and do not feel the exclusivity any longer.  Do you think thats true?  I don’t.  Even though its open to Android now, I still think that this app is used by all that have downloaded it.

Instagram is sticky.  Its like Facebook, but you must upload a photo every time you update.  People get addicted to uploading and viewing.  It gives people an outlet for creating awesome photos by adding an assortment of filters within the program.   After uploading photos they can share it, and add a status update/ comment and then hashtags to each photo with words that compliment and are associated to the picture.  After that the photos are then entered into a stream where people either see it because they are following the user, or by the hashtag.  Your audience can now comment or “like” your photo.  (People aim to get the most “likes” possible per photo and to be on the “popular” page)

As I mentioned earlier the app is very sticky.  Once you download it, you’ll get caught up. You will start to view it when you are bored, at a traffic light, while eating, waiting in line, to see what others are doing, and so on.  The reason is because people are just curious.  They like to know what other people are up to and want to see what they can’t see or experience.

The beauty of Instagram is that you get to see so much of the world through the eyes of another.  Its very easy to use and by searching hashtags #, its fascinating how much of the world you can see by entering a keyword, and what people are doing.

So I recently shared with a friend of mine who is starting a business that he should use Instagram to promote his business.  I have used Instagram for a couple of months and know that this is a a very powerful too to promote what you like, do and especially new businesses.  I advised him to create his own hashtag with his business name and to constantly use that hashtag on every photo.  I then told him to use Pic Frame, an app that lets you fit either 1-5 photos into one so he can maximize every upload.  The next step was to find other hashtags that compliment the photo and to find friends that use that hashtag and follow them.  Most people on Instagram will follow you if you provide good content and most important great photos.

The process was not difficult and within a 5 week period he gained over a 1000 followers with 95 photos.  Each of the photos were very informative and were shot as good as possible from an iPhone lens.

What was found was that people reacted well to each of the photos.  There were tons of “likes” and and comments as users started to anticipate the next photo.  As it shows, the followers are almost even to followings, and I don’t see a problem with that.  I think in this circumstance its good to follow back people that are following you.  You want them to feel that you too are interested in what they are doing and what kind of photos they are uploading.

I told him that a good rule of thumb when viewing your feed is for every 5 photos you like, to comment on 1.  With that ratio you engage with your audience, you let them know that you also notice them, and who knows, you might make a friend, or a fan out of.  Everyone on Instagram is creative in his or her own way.  Every photo that goes up shows you a piece of them and you want your fans to realize that you understand it.

Instagram can also be used to help with eBay or personal website/online store business also.  Not only are you directing traffic towards your sites, but you are allowing more people to know that you are a seller and have these products for sale.  You can add your ebay handle or web address in the short description that they allow, and you can post up photos of all the things you are selling.  Adding the hashtags will make it easier for people to search what you have up for sale.  Now I don’t suggest you only putting up pics of what you are selling, but let the customer know who you are also.  Let them see within your eyes, and know what you are all about.  Twitter can be linked to Instagram and you can double the hashtagging through both social networks.

This app to me is very important in any kind of marketing if you are looking to gain exposure for your business.  Contests can be held, games to be played, doing a photo per day and creating a forum of people to join is also a neat and fun way to engage with your customers.  People these days like to purchase and be a part of a company that acknowledges the individual.

I am no marketing genius and these are just some ideas that I have shared with people, and hopefully you find it interesting as well.  I hope to hear from anyone that can add to it, or would like to share their success stories with Instagram for businesses.

P.S. You can view your photos on the web online at your desktop/laptop also with help from websites such as

Here they will also rate and give you statistics on views, ,likes, and when your photos are seen the most.  It will also keep track of who follows you and unfollows you.

Pulse vs. Flipboard In My Words

I am a huge reader and spend hours on hours per day reading stuff online. It just fascinates me how much information is out there for free and what people say. Besides social media rants and raves, I especially like to read about advertising, marketing, politics, reviews of products, technology, and parenting. I really appreciate the opportunity to be able to learn something new daily.

On my iPad I have two aggregating apps that I switch to back and forth.
Pulse and Flipboard. Both are incredible apps and have really changed the way I get information. When you first download each app, they come with suggestions to what you would like to read and what is already installed. You can opt to change these and add your own interests using their easy to use search bar. You can also link your social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on to them.

Prior to Pulse I used Flipboard religiously. It was my first experience with a aggregating application and I just thought it was so damn cool. It made me want to read more and more since it was so easy to gather everything in one place. The most appealing thing about Flipboard was that it was all in a magazine layout form factor. It was like how you would hold a book or magazine. Place the iPad in one hand and use a finger from your other hand to turn the pages. Amazing! There was also a table of contents that had all your seperate sites you like so you can read each on individually or all sites as a whole. Overall Flipboard was innovative and it sucked me in.

I later learned about Pulse through a friend of mine and started to use it more and more. I like it a lot because it showed me more content per website in the rows it was placed in on the main screen. With Flipboard I had to select the site I want to visit from the table of contents and then flip the pages. But on Pulse I just scroll side to side to see headlines and then press the article I want to read per site while having up to 8 different sites per page. Its a real tough one when it comes to the two on the iPad and I still tend to use both of them depending on my mood. In the end I prefer Pulse for the iPad.

Now for the iPhone, I recommend using Pulse. The Flipboard application is great, don’t get me wrong, but it looses its magazine form factor since you flip the pages up and down. Its almost like reading a notepad. Pulse stays true to its roots and keeps the same format for the iPhone. Its smooth and even though its on a much smaller screen, you can still easily see the words and pictures especially if you are using an iPhone 4 or 4S.

If you have kids, or teenages, I recommend downloading these apps for them to use and browse through their favorite sites with. I really feel apps like this make people want to read more and more, and the more you know the better I think you are overall.