Ikea Augmented Reality Catalog for 2013. Blows Me Away!

Its amazing how far Ikea has come along.  A company that gave people vivid living rooms, bedrooms and more with their beautiful furniture.  I remember how colorful and exciting their catalogs were.  It was always exciting to pick one up and imagine how your present or future home would look like with all their furniture.

During my years in college, Ikea catalogs were iconic.  Every time I had a guest over during my college years, they always picked up the Ikea catalog.  Now 10 years later, they have pushed the envelop and took it to a whole new level.

Their new catalog is for the Apple iPad, iPhone, and Android smart phones.  These catalogs are beautiful and only a video can really show you how it works.

Available for download July 31 2012

Watch below, and be amazed.


Iphone Home And Snooze Your Alarm Clock With This

Do you use your iPhone for your alarm clock?  Do you have it laying on a nightstand or even on the floor?  Do you ever fumble in the middle of the night looking for your iPhone?  Well if you answered “YES” to any of these questions you must check this out.

This is called the SNOOZE.  Its created by a company called Distil Union.  Right now they are participating in a Kickstarter campaign to mass produce these homes for your iPhones.

I personally think this is a cool idea!  Off the bat its attractive, unique and it gives your phone a home rather than laying on your nightstand hooked to a USB adapter.  It even functions when you have a bumper on your iPhone.

You may wonder how it works.  Its easy.  The large white SNOOZE bar on top is the flexible and she n you press on it, pressure then presses down on the volume buttons of your iPhone.  When that happens all sounds go to silent including alarm clocks, calls, and any other alert that you may have.


These are perfect for gifts and yourself if you are like me, and like to SNOOZE 2-3 times before actually getting up.

Check it out at http://www.distilunion.com/ or you can help fund this project at kickstarter.com to see a variety of colors they come in and more info about this company.

Matroshka Space Saving Furniture System

My jaw dropped when I found this online.  It was just too perfect to be true.  Elegant, compact, and just plain brilliant.  I love how the desk part is higher than the rest of the system.  Also the different combinations that you can work with also is just so creative.

This unit is perfect for the bachelor in a small apartment studio or even for a families that want to add a workstation / lounge to a certain room.

After seeing this unit, I had to know how much it was.  The website is http://www.shop.matroshkafurniture.com/eng/start.html and it lists the item at SEK 112,000 which in US dollars is roughly $16,410.00

If you have the money and must have it, you can order it through that web address above.  For me, it was too good to be true.

If I Could Have Any House

At the moment I do not own a house.  I rent a nice 2 story apartment in Southern California and enjoy it.  The only thing is that its not what I want for my life.  I don’t want to die before having the kind of place I dream and strive for.

At times my friends and I will talk about where the ideal place to live would be, or what your ideal house would look like.  Almost all of them want the conventional house, track home, townhouse or property by the beach.  I have no problem with any of them, but those styles just don’t interest me.

I have grown up in apartments all my life and have grown used to them.  When I was younger, blasting music, and having parties, I hated having neighbors right next to me, but now I don’t mind.

The ideal perfect situation would be that I live in a loft.  For over 10 years I’ve thought about lofts. I want EMPTY SPACE.  I don’t need dividers for kitchen, dining room, or living room. I just want open space.  I want to walk in and not feel cluttered.  My immediate family consists of my wife, my daughter, and me.  That’s all.  I don’t need all that privacy and walls that dictate what room is what.

Like I mentioned earlier, I grew up in apartment communities all my life.  The idea of a house and driveway is always a pleasant thought but to me it seems to conventional.  My wife also grew up in apartments, and to not have a garden to take care of or driveways to rinse down is totally fine with the both of us.

I know that it might seem a bit selfish since my daughter won’t be able to run and play in a yard, but she’ll be able to run around the house.  It will be open with very very minimal furniture.  All I would want is a couch, small dinner table, work station, and storage units to hold all our junk.

Ideally it would have 2 bedrooms.  One for my wife and I, and then my daughter.  I usually work in the living room anyways and love the thought of being able to always see my family from all angles of the house.

So if I ever make the money or win the lotto, this would be one of my first purchases.