Hey Look! Comme Des Garcons X Converse In A Size 12!!!


I found a 12, but I must share my story with you….

It really upsets me that Converse or Comme Des Garcons do not produce these cool shoes in a size 12 Jack Purcell, or an 11.5 in Converse All Stars.  I am a big fan of this shoe, and would purchase all of the colorways.

I don’t know what it is about these shoes, but in reality they are just plain old Jack Purcells with a red heart on the side with some eyeballs, and a contrast black or white stripe on the back heel. (They come in both off white and black Jack Purcells & All Stars Chuck Taylors)

But you know what?  Those little subtle details is what makes this shoe stand out.  I know this.  I am obsessed with these shoes so when I found out they did not make 12’s or 11.5 I freaked and researched until I was blue in the face.

I called all around the world, emailed stores, and even made some friends along the way.  What I found out was that they used to make size 12 when they first came out a couple of years ago, when the shoe was manufactured out in the US, but since CDG is based in Japan they have now moved the manufacturing to Japan, and the largest size they make is a US 11 in all styles.

BUMMER!!!! So if Converse or Comme Des Garcons is reading this.  Please make 12’s or 11.5 or bigger sizes.  For those that know me… Yes I am still complaining and instagramming is not getting my message across fast enough.

Oh, BTW… I found these from a shoe collector who purchased them from another shoe collector and was in MINT condition, worn only twice.


Love Me by Curtis Kulig

Curtis Kulig’s beautiful artwork “Love Me”

If you live in New York, you have probably seen his work plastered around the city.  Stickers, spray art, or inside restaurants and hotels.  His iconic “Love Me” piece has been used so many times on walls, clothing, accessories, and he continues to give to the community with two words that impact the population.

When I first saw this piece of art it really hit me.  First, I thought it was incredible.  The way he associated the heart into the words was genius.

After I realized the weight of these two words.  It made me think of all the people living in the world and how everyone just wants to be loved.  It made me think of my family, and how much I love them, and how I want them to love me back.  I thought of my youth and how I wanted to be accepted and loved by my peers and friends.  I look at people walking down streets, on buses, in cars, and how each individual is born with this feeling inside.  No one ever asked for it.  The feeling of wanting love came within you the minute you opened your eyes for the first time.  When you were held as a child, you wanted love, and as you grew up, you learned to love.

We are all human and we want someone to “Love Me.”

Curtis Kulig has made a difference in my life instantly by looking at this.  His way of writing “LOVE ME” has people everywhere smiling and feeling loved.  Beautiful, simple, and powerful.

Keep that feeling alive, because its what makes everyone happiest.

Passing By A Z-Gallery I Saw…

Was at the mall today with my family and walked by a Z-Gallery.  Saw some amazing wall canvas and paintings that I thought were incredible.

We get caught up in our busy lives day to day and forget about the people around us.  I am glad I saw these paintings today, as you can forget about the little things that matter most.