The iPhone 5 Is Here And Everyone Is Once Again Drooling….

I am definitely not hating. I am so happy that Apple is introducing the next generation in smart phones. I really believe that they revolutionized the way people look and use their phones, and they deserve to be getting this much attention.

What I really am excitied to see is the panamonium that will start as we get closer and closer to release day. With pre-orders already sold out in a matter of 2 hours, and for the people that didn’t get it online, well its going to be a search and rescue attempt on Friday September 21.

Lines of sleepless, eager, anticipating individuals are going to be forming outside of cell phone stores, and Apple stores and any store that may hint they are going to be selling the iPhone.

I was telling my wife, how this one product stimulates the econonmy so much, and that’s why I believe they deserve the hype it gets. Not only does Apple, and cellular companies make money, but there are so many different tiers that go down from there. Headphones, cases, bumpers, sleeves, screen guards, charms, adapters, speakers, usb for cars, microphones, apps, developers, games, and the list goes on and on. And this is off of one product.

Apple is a brand that I genuinely admire. I lost a bit of love for them when everyone started to jump on the bandwagon a couple of years ago, and also the iPhone 4s wasn’t much of a shocker, but overall they are solid products. They inovate, fascinate, and stimulate the public. There are not many products out there that are not living breathing individuals that get the attention and ovation that Apple Products do, especially the iPhone.

So as I close this article, I have already ordered mine, and will be anxiously awaiting the Fed Ex or UPS driver to deliver it Friday September 21, 2012. The questions I am pondering are…

1. With new Apps and even more ways to use your smartphone, how much storage did you opt to get? 16gb, 32gb or 64gb?

2. Since Apple released the White iPhone 4 late, and pretty much everyone that got a black iPhone 4 in 2010 opted to go with a white iPhone 4s in 2011… what color are you getting now in 2012?

3. Are you really excited about the design and look of the new iPhone… I mean really?

I am eager to hear what everyone says and look forward to conversing with everyone and anyone. Be well and safe.


Daughter Turned 5! Birthdays Are So Bittersweet

Its always bittersweet when my daughter has a birthday.  I am so happy to see her being excited and anticipating the day and party, but at the same time I can’t help but want to hold time still and possibly even have powers to rewind back.

I know all parents say this, but 5 years has gone by way too fast.  I still think back to the day she was born, crawling, first steps, pacifier and cloth days, diapers, and first words.  Then I think of all her birthdays and how it has been unfair that it has been gone to fast.

This years theme was after the movie Brave from Disney.  We gave away tons and tons of candy of course to all her cousins and friends.  For food we cooked BBQ chicken breast, mac & cheese, BBQ beans, hot dogs, BBQ chicken legs & wings, and lots of bread rolls.

Kids all had fun since we sugared them all up and gave away tons of bows and arrows we picked up on Amazon.  They were novelty items, and were not meant for long term play.  For a pack of 10 bows & (3) arrows per bow was $8.99.  Relatively cheap to keep 30 kids occupied.

We also laid out a crafts rug where we had tons of markers, cut outs, felt, soft letter shapes, and more for kids to create and make art.  Next to that was a Lego table that had hundreds of pieces from my own personal childhood and we left them for kids to build but not take home.  Sorry.

Overall the party was amazing.  My daughter had a great time and the presents were all so thoughtful.  I have already noticed a change in her since she has turned 5 and to me it makes me proud and sad.  I guess I’ll have to hold on to what I can before she really grows up.

Matroshka Space Saving Furniture System

My jaw dropped when I found this online.  It was just too perfect to be true.  Elegant, compact, and just plain brilliant.  I love how the desk part is higher than the rest of the system.  Also the different combinations that you can work with also is just so creative.

This unit is perfect for the bachelor in a small apartment studio or even for a families that want to add a workstation / lounge to a certain room.

After seeing this unit, I had to know how much it was.  The website is and it lists the item at SEK 112,000 which in US dollars is roughly $16,410.00

If you have the money and must have it, you can order it through that web address above.  For me, it was too good to be true.

So I Saw Brave Over The Weekend


So after much anticipation by all parties in my family including myself, we finally went out and saw Brave.  We missed it on the opening weekend due to my daughter being sick, but I am kind of glad we did.  Even with some heavy hitting films coming out this past weekend, Brave was still packed.  We found some good seats, bought some popcorn, pulled out the candy and enjoyed a family friendly film.

Overall I liked the film.  I don’t think it was Disney/Pixar’s strongest film, but it has heart.  There was a decent story to be told and the film played it out well.  I expected the story to be more deep and complex but I had to remind myself that this was not intended for me, but for my 4 year old daughter.

One thing that I do have to commend is the intensity of beautiful colors that are in the film.  The hair, the backdrops, and scenes are filled with immensely bright colors that fill the big screen.  This is definitely a film that must be seen in the movie theaters with the loud speakers and dim environment.

My daughter, wife and I enjoyed the film.  There was a lot of humor in it for both adults and kids to laugh at.  Merida ( the princess and main character ) is like every girl growing up and wanting to be independent and make her own choices.  Her dad King Fergus is a jolly man with a heart of gold, while her mom the queen only wants what she thinks is best for her.

Great family fun and I definitely recommend taking the kids and calling it a movie day or night!

Cars Land Photos

I wanted to upload and show some more photos that I took of the amazing new addition to Disneyland California Adventure.  The beginning of Cars Land is so reminiscent of the movie’s introduction to Radiator Springs.  The street is Route 66 and really shines at night with the neon lights that surround the buildings and landscape.

Included in this area are eateries, shops, and amusement park rides.

The three new rides are

– Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree which is a more modern and slower take on the Mad Tea Cups in the main park.

– Luigi’s Flying Tires is another update to an older Disneyland ride called Flying Saucers which is like a large air hockey table and tires that you sit in.  The cool thing about this ride is that there is a play area next to it where kids can play on the jungle gym and or relax while parents wait in line.

– Radiator Springs Racers is the largest ride and addition to California Adventure. With a reported cost of $200 million dollars this ride is definitely one to not miss.  With a  wait time as of June 17th of 180 minutes (3 hours), this ride will have park goers filling up Radiator Springs for quite some time.  Radiator Springs Racer is a slot car type ride with an introduction through the beginning and with a out of control race after.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised of the overhaul that has been taking up most of my annual pass.  The imagination of the creators of the park is mind blowing.  The city really comes alive at night with the neon lights along with the hustle and bustle of guests taking photos and admiring the city.  With a couple of days left before my pass expires, my current goal is to get on Radiator Springs Racers.

Spy Mouse App For iPad or iPhone Will Equal Hours Of Fun Together With Your Little One

While waiting in line at Starbucks one afternoon I noticed that there was a card by the register with a sign on the bottom that says “Pick Of The Week.”  I picked it up and saw that it was a game called “Spy Mouse.”  Not thinking much about it, I put it in my pocket, ordered my coffee and went about my day.

I later got home and emptied my pockets.  My daughter who greets me everyday saw the card and asked me about it.  During this time, she just started to watch Tom & Jerry cartoons and was excited about seeing this card with the cartoon mouse on it.  She immediately asked me about it, and I told her it was a game of some sort.  Not knowing much about it, and assuming it was for older kids, I told her that if she was good we would look at it later.

Later came and she forgot about it, and so did I until I was up late and saw the card again with the promo code to download for free.  I decided to download it and check it out.  After that, I think I stayed up for an additional hour playing the game.  It was so addicting.  It was almost like Angry Birds all over again.

The game is pretty strait forward and the object is to collect all the cheese from the level before cats get to you.  The game is created to be a maze like format but not as cramped.  You move the mouse with your finger, directing it to go a certain direction or a combination of ways.

The next morning I showed my daughter the game and we must have played together for hours all together.  There are many funny animation acts that some of the characters do, interesting cat behaviors and overall a good game.  It was so much fun connecting with my daughter and laughing while playing the game.  I know that its not educational, but it was a game that the both of us can play together over and over again.

The game is pretty simple to beat, but it has replay value.  There are many hidden rooms and areas that can be found only if you play it over and over.  It makes my daughter very excited and happy when she is able to find these levels by herself, and accomplish all the goals.

Very good game and its available for the iPad and iPhone.

*** It is free right now for iPad with the HD version ***

Music to groove to… Kill Paris

A good friend of mine recently introduced me to a new producer/DJ named Kill Paris.  I found his music to be addictive and well created.  What I liked about it most was that it had this 80’s new wave sound, yet it blends with the new sounds of todays electronic synths and hard drum beats.  Check it out.  One of my favorites is “Shades Of Funk, and Forget Me Nots”