Hey Look! Comme Des Garcons X Converse In A Size 12!!!


I found a 12, but I must share my story with you….

It really upsets me that Converse or Comme Des Garcons do not produce these cool shoes in a size 12 Jack Purcell, or an 11.5 in Converse All Stars.  I am a big fan of this shoe, and would purchase all of the colorways.

I don’t know what it is about these shoes, but in reality they are just plain old Jack Purcells with a red heart on the side with some eyeballs, and a contrast black or white stripe on the back heel. (They come in both off white and black Jack Purcells & All Stars Chuck Taylors)

But you know what?  Those little subtle details is what makes this shoe stand out.  I know this.  I am obsessed with these shoes so when I found out they did not make 12’s or 11.5 I freaked and researched until I was blue in the face.

I called all around the world, emailed stores, and even made some friends along the way.  What I found out was that they used to make size 12 when they first came out a couple of years ago, when the shoe was manufactured out in the US, but since CDG is based in Japan they have now moved the manufacturing to Japan, and the largest size they make is a US 11 in all styles.

BUMMER!!!! So if Converse or Comme Des Garcons is reading this.  Please make 12’s or 11.5 or bigger sizes.  For those that know me… Yes I am still complaining and instagramming is not getting my message across fast enough.

Oh, BTW… I found these from a shoe collector who purchased them from another shoe collector and was in MINT condition, worn only twice.


Nudie Grim Tim 46 Dips Selvage Raw Denim Review

With an 13.5oz Turkish denim these jeans are going to need some work breaking in.  For my 3rd pair of Nudie’s I want to let you know that this one is unlike the first two I reviewed.  The Grim Tim Dirt Dry Organic was stiff when I first got them, but nothing like the 46 Dips Grim Tim.  This one is hardcore.

If you are looking for a jean to wear everyday and work on, this would be it.  The jean feels so tightly constructed with tight Turkish denim.  The denim is dark (darker than Dirt Dry Organic or Dry Open Selvage),  it is a way tighter fit, and is shorter than the Dirt Dry Organic.  It is the same length as the Dry Open Selvage and I think its because Nudie knows that you will stretch these out after a couple of wears.

I have mentioned this before in my earlier posts and I’m not one to just wear one pair over and over while breaking them in.  I love raw selvedge denim looking to purchase a couple to rotate.  With these, I feel that I need to wear these out a bit to give it a good stretch.

Luckily the waist is high and not low waisted, otherwise these would have been returned.  The thighs are very slim and tight when you first put them on, but loosen up with time.  The knee stretches out well every time to sit down and the rest of the leg feels close to your skin. The 46 Dips will definitely take more time than the Dirt Dry Organic or Open Dry Selvage.

I would compare the stiffness to a brand new pair of A.P.C. New Cure jeans when you first get them and times that by 2.  Yes they are that stiff.

Don’t let that deter you away from getting your true to size waist.  I do not suggest sizing down on these, and if you are on the fence I would even recommend sizing up one.

Overall these are amazing jeans.  The cut is the slimmest of Grim Tim’s I’ve tried on.  Comparable fits would include Levi’s 511, Apc New Cure but with a slimmer below knee cut silhouette.  Naked and Famous Skinny Guy is a almost identical fit, but Grim Tim has a tad bit lower crotch and higher waist.

Havaianas Are The Thong Sandal You Need For Summer… Men’s And Women

Summer is here and its the season of bright colors to represent the warm sun and hot weather.  With that being said, you gots to have a cool pair of flip flops to slip on when you are on the go.

As a fan of loud and bright colors Havaianas are definitely the ones for me when I look for sandals.  They are reasonable in price and I love the collaborations they have.  For example, The Muppets, Batman, and Superman.

Another reason I choose Havaianas is that they are super comfy.  Its like walking on a memory foam bed.  The thong part of the shoe does not eat up between your toes either which is always a positive thing.

Here are some of my favorite picks from them.

Best Made Company Kevlar Smokejumper Belts For Men

Looking for something to spice up that casual outfit? Check these Kevlar Smokejumper Belts from Best Made Comapny.

I love the triangular alloy steel parachute harness as the belt clip.  The colors are bright and can really be that small attractive detail to complete any outfit.

Belts really are important. They make you feel confident and complete when you wear a suit, so why not throw on a cool one when you are in casual wear.

Check out www.bestmadeco.com for some more information.

Paul Smith Wallet For Mens


The Paul Smith Wallet

I was never a wallet kind of guy.  I used to carry money and cards in my pocket all the time.  I some ways I still do.  The reason I was never a wallet guy I think was because I thought most wallets out there were boring.  None where colorful, and most them blasted brand names on them that just didn’t interest me.

But my mom and wife insisted that I carry a wallet for all my cards so I don’t lose any of them.  I understood them.  So after holding off as long as I could, my mom surprised me with this wallet.

She said she thought it would be perfect for me. It was bright, hip and it just looked cool when you pulled it out.  The inside lining where you put your money was also a bright purple on both sides.  This wallet has lasted me many years, and while the color on the outside is fading with a mixture of denim blue ink it still has its qualities.

Paul Smith always has great quality products.  First they are all attractive colors, and very attentive to detail.  They are strong and have designs that are perfect for today’s times.  I have carried this for over 2 years and still going.  No rips or holes anywhere and it actually gets better with age.

I personally wouldn’t have purchased this for myself, but as a gift I will gladly take it.

Thanks Mom.

Reminiscing On Old Times With My Nike Dunk SB Collection

Its been a while since I thought of my old Nike Collection of Dunk SB Skateboarding sneakers.  Today seemed like a perfect day since I was writing about some shoes, so I decided to check out Nikeskateboarding.com to see some of my old soles.

Nike Dunk SB during the early and mid 2000’s were insane.  There was such a high demand for these shoes.  They were all very limited, you saw lines on launch days, and each was selling for way over what they retailed for on ebay.  I’m not saying the hype is gone, but I think there has been a shift in fashion so if you are not a sneaker head or true collector, you may have moved on to slimmer shoes to fit your skinny jeans.

I sold my collection many years ago when my daughter was born.  It was really difficult for me since a lot of them have been barley worn.  I was very anal about wearing them, and had to make sure to clean them the minute I got home.  There were some that I wore on a regular basis and these were usually ones that weren’t too hard to get or not as rare.

I thought of all the nights I stayed up waiting in line for shoes or the amount of stores I called to see if they came in.  I also thought of all the dollars I spent on all the shoes and what I would buy now if I still had the collection to sell.

I made a small collage of my small humble collection.  This is nothing compared to some of my friends who had sometimes 2 of each color way or style.

I miss the comfort and overall funkiness of the sneaker and all the time wished i still had them. The collection sold for way more than what I paid for them and was overall happy at the time to get rid of them, but now that they are gone the only thing I can do is visit Nikeskateboarding.com to get a glimpse here and there.


Give A Gift Of Sight With Toms Sunglasses This Summer

Wow, just checked out Toms.com and saw there new sunglasses for the summer.  Love the new colors they are pushing out and the new styles also.  For mens they offer you four styles.  Two of them are reminiscent of the Ray Ban Wayfarer one being a smaller style frame (show above), and the other two styles are aviator type sunglasses.

The men’s overlap into women’s options with an additional two more styles offered.

My favorite are the Wayfarers for men.  I love the detail on all the ear pieces where it has different color tips.  The colors are vibrant and fun and make these stand out.  The overall construction of these glasses are solid also, and not flimsy or cheap material used.

As with any Toms product, they always find a way to give back to people in need.  With there One for One campaigns they are helping with either medical treatment for eyes, prescription glasses, or eye surgery.

So if you are looking for sunglasses this summer, consider Toms.  The prices are reasonable and its always good to give back.

Keeping Your Headgear In Style With The Brixton Busker

I have been a fan of Brixton hats for quite sometime.  One of my favorite from their line is the Busker. I currently have a blue railroad pinstripe Busker that I have worn out, and I think its time for an upgrade.  Brixton makes really good quality hats.  They are comfortable, the soft lining on the inside keeps your head cool and overall they always give you quality materials.

If you are looking to stray away from traditional baseball caps and snapbacks try Brixton.  They are always fashionable, and have tons of styles and colors to choose from.

Tretorn ‘Skymra’ Sneaker Appropriate For The Summer

Nothing like sneakers to brighten my day and night, especially these Tretorn Skymra Sneakers!  Love the lime color and the subtle detail stitching on the side of the shoe.  The back also has a contrast of color blocks that complete an already flashy sneaker that sits on a low profile sole.

$69.95 at Nordstroms