Ikea Augmented Reality Catalog for 2013. Blows Me Away!

Its amazing how far Ikea has come along.  A company that gave people vivid living rooms, bedrooms and more with their beautiful furniture.  I remember how colorful and exciting their catalogs were.  It was always exciting to pick one up and imagine how your present or future home would look like with all their furniture.

During my years in college, Ikea catalogs were iconic.  Every time I had a guest over during my college years, they always picked up the Ikea catalog.  Now 10 years later, they have pushed the envelop and took it to a whole new level.

Their new catalog is for the Apple iPad, iPhone, and Android smart phones.  These catalogs are beautiful and only a video can really show you how it works.

Available for download July 31 2012

Watch below, and be amazed.


Ever Wonder What Those Lines Ment On A Red Solo Plastic Cup

Remember in college how popular the red cup from Solo was?  It was almost a house party/fraternity/sorority party standard.  Did you ever look at the cup and see the different lines while you downing the beer, or mixed drink in your hand?  Some might remember and some might be saying , “oh yeah, I remember now.”

Well anyways, there’s a witty infograph going around explaining what each of the lines represent.  And you know what?  It makes pretty good sense.  Now I’m pretty sure some might have exceeded the lines in the different categories, but in the future this could be a good marker for where to stop the pour.

Note: Solo claims that the lines are just there and were not created for measurements.

Photo taken from Gizmodo.com