Hey Look! Comme Des Garcons X Converse In A Size 12!!!


I found a 12, but I must share my story with you….

It really upsets me that Converse or Comme Des Garcons do not produce these cool shoes in a size 12 Jack Purcell, or an 11.5 in Converse All Stars.  I am a big fan of this shoe, and would purchase all of the colorways.

I don’t know what it is about these shoes, but in reality they are just plain old Jack Purcells with a red heart on the side with some eyeballs, and a contrast black or white stripe on the back heel. (They come in both off white and black Jack Purcells & All Stars Chuck Taylors)

But you know what?  Those little subtle details is what makes this shoe stand out.  I know this.  I am obsessed with these shoes so when I found out they did not make 12’s or 11.5 I freaked and researched until I was blue in the face.

I called all around the world, emailed stores, and even made some friends along the way.  What I found out was that they used to make size 12 when they first came out a couple of years ago, when the shoe was manufactured out in the US, but since CDG is based in Japan they have now moved the manufacturing to Japan, and the largest size they make is a US 11 in all styles.

BUMMER!!!! So if Converse or Comme Des Garcons is reading this.  Please make 12’s or 11.5 or bigger sizes.  For those that know me… Yes I am still complaining and instagramming is not getting my message across fast enough.

Oh, BTW… I found these from a shoe collector who purchased them from another shoe collector and was in MINT condition, worn only twice.


Best Made Company Kevlar Smokejumper Belts For Men

Looking for something to spice up that casual outfit? Check these Kevlar Smokejumper Belts from Best Made Comapny.

I love the triangular alloy steel parachute harness as the belt clip.  The colors are bright and can really be that small attractive detail to complete any outfit.

Belts really are important. They make you feel confident and complete when you wear a suit, so why not throw on a cool one when you are in casual wear.

Check out www.bestmadeco.com for some more information.

The Billabong Legend Fedora Hat For Mens

When I saw this I was very impressed.  This is the new summer fedora from Billabong.  Very nicely constructed with a good weight.  Material is good quality, and strong to keep its shape.

What stands out to me is not only the chambray, but the short curled bill.  There are many fedoras out in the market that have a curl then a strait part of the bill, and that’s just not my style.  I like mine to be curled evenly around and most important a hat that keeps its form.

This hat will go good with any summer outfit, shorts, sandals, tanks, you name it.  I recommend wearing this during the mornings or afternoons.  If you consider wearing it for night time, I suggest getting the black one.

For $35.00 at billabong.com or your local beach surf shop.

Words Tell You Time With Biegert & Funk Watches

After decades and even a century at seeing numbers when you look at your watch, there is now a day when words will tell you what time it is.  I am looking forward to this watch by the very creative team of Biegert & Funk.  They already have a wall clock and desk clock in the same design, but to put one on your wrist will be WAY COOL!

Available in Autumn of this year.  Definitely going to give you a new experience with telling time.

Naked and Famous Skinny Guy Black Power Stretch

Naked and Famous always comes out with very basic jean designs with no decals, signature logos, or branding at all.  With the Power Stretch they kept to the original plan and made a basic black stretch jean.  So out of all the jeans I have, these are one of my most comfortable.  The reason is because of the stretch material in them.  The Power Stretch is made from 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane.  The fit is very snug, more tighter than any of my denim reviews.  They fit very tight on the thighs with minimal room, and taper slightly after the knee.  They do come very long, approximately 35″ and I had to cuff them a bit.  The finish on these jeans are very clean with a shimmer.  They don’t exactly shine in the light or anything, but it does have a nice finish to the denim.  I did size up on these jeans since the normal size I wear looked like denim tights on me.  After a couple of days of consistent wearing, I thought that they would stretch out even more, but they have kept their form and continue to fit normally.  I do want to note that even with a size up, the waist fits like my true to size Broken Twill 100% cotton Naked & Famous Skinny Guys.

Fits like:

– Levi’s 510’s sized up 2 sizes
– Thighs of A.P.C. New Cure, but more tapered after the knee
–  Would be comparable to Nudie Thin Finn possibly sized up 1
– Definitely tighter than the 100% cotton Skinny Guy Naked & Famous Broken Twill

Again, these did not loosen up much at all even after daily wear.  I am hoping they don’t.  Very fashionable and hip and definitely different from any black jean I see on the market at the moment.



Get Lost in History with Timberland Oxfords

I remember walking in Nordstroms with my family one day before work and my wife pointed out a very well dressed maniquin.  I looked at it and immediately noticed the shoes it had on.  I looked around and all the sales people were busy, so I told my wife I had to see what brand this was.  The maniquin started to wobble a bit when I tried to pry the shoe off so my wife and daughter held it still while I pulled it off.  I was surprised to see that it was a Timberland shoe.  Now, I used to have Timberlands growing up, but I was not aware that they have stepped up their fashion game.  It was getting late so I told my wife to check them out for me while I left for work.  So after that encounter my obsession grew.  I knew I had to have this shoe.  I started to look at online catalogs and saw how they were presented and it was over.

I have never owned a pair of real leather shoes until now. I did not know the feeling of how soft it would feel and how amazing leather would be on my feet. Now, these are not cheap. $275.00 is the going rate at almost all retailers right now including the Timberland website and store. But if you are like me, and when you want something you go get it, then be prepared to completely satisfied.

You always hear people say, “you get what you pay for.” This is a situation that is completely true. Soft light leather with a hard wooden sole and rubber bottom. The minute you put your feet in, you know that these are top quality boots. They conform to you feet and are quite light. Comfortable to wear, and not to mention stylish. Subtle detail is all over the shoe, with broekn cap toe lines that connect when you put your feet together.

This shoe was definitely made for a connoisseur of boots and Timberalnd is definitely making its mark as a fashionable high end brand of mens comtemporary footwear. I enjoy these immensely and almost am scared to wear them to often that it gets ruined.


Hello Kitty Vans Girls Black



Its always cute when your little one wants to have things that you have and dress like you.  Since I have a pair of polka dot Vans, my daughter has been wanting a pair herself.  She had a pair of Hello Kitty slip ons that were pretty old and beat up from preschool and the parks, that it was time for her to renew a pair for summer school.  This is what she decided on.  You can never go wrong with a pair of Vans slip ons for your kids.  They are comfy, versitile, plesant to look at, and most of all, quick to slip on when Dad is in a rush.

Mondaine Mens Big Date Wrist Watch

The Swiss made Mondaine Men’s watch is a eye catcher.  It has a clean minimalist design that one can appreciate yet it demands much attention.  The bright detail of red used sparingly throughout the watch makes it pop out that much more.  I use this watch mainly when I go out at night to dinners, events, or work.  I had my eye on this for quite sometime before I pulled the trigger to get it.  The only thing that I do not like is that it is not waterproof.

The Mondine Watch Company is known for historic railway station clocks and is the official Swiss Railways watch.  What caught my eye the most is the beautiful red secondhand with the ball at the tip.  Many people never notice a second hand when wearing a watch, but with this one you can’t help but notice the smooth ticking and mid century like design.

Ray-Ban Black Justin RB Sunglasses Matte Black

An iconic brand with a twist in style.  I love these sunglasses.  They are modeled after the Ray Ban wayfarer but larger and more trendy.  The frames are matte black, with a rubberrized look.  Lens are dark with a little lighter tint on the bottom.  What I like about Ray-Ban the most is that their frames are solid.  I have tried on many glasses in the past and some are flimsy, they feel too light, or just poorly made.  Raybans are always strong, and have a good weight.  They are never too heavy yet never too light where you forget about them.  I recommend these glasses to anyone looking to add a little twist to their eyewear and they also come in many different colors.

Toms Black Alden Men’s Cordones & Ash Ceara Cardones


My wife and I have been a big fan of their stuff for my daughter since they first came out.  I love the concept of giving back, and that fact alone makes me want to keep buying their stuff.  After about 6 pairs of Toms between my wife and daughter with me only having one pair, I have wanted to get another for myself, yet I have not found one I really like until now.  These two are definitely the kind of Toms I’ve been looking for that I can wear with my slim khakis, dark denim and summer shorts.  Toms are naturally very comfortable, light and fashionable.  I also noticed the detail on the inside of the shoe along with the leather insole that makes it more soft and relaxed while wearing them out.  The only dilemma I have is which one to choose for Father’s Day.  The black ones are ripstop cotton while the ash are stonewashed.