The iPhone 5 Is Here And Everyone Is Once Again Drooling….

I am definitely not hating. I am so happy that Apple is introducing the next generation in smart phones. I really believe that they revolutionized the way people look and use their phones, and they deserve to be getting this much attention.

What I really am excitied to see is the panamonium that will start as we get closer and closer to release day. With pre-orders already sold out in a matter of 2 hours, and for the people that didn’t get it online, well its going to be a search and rescue attempt on Friday September 21.

Lines of sleepless, eager, anticipating individuals are going to be forming outside of cell phone stores, and Apple stores and any store that may hint they are going to be selling the iPhone.

I was telling my wife, how this one product stimulates the econonmy so much, and that’s why I believe they deserve the hype it gets. Not only does Apple, and cellular companies make money, but there are so many different tiers that go down from there. Headphones, cases, bumpers, sleeves, screen guards, charms, adapters, speakers, usb for cars, microphones, apps, developers, games, and the list goes on and on. And this is off of one product.

Apple is a brand that I genuinely admire. I lost a bit of love for them when everyone started to jump on the bandwagon a couple of years ago, and also the iPhone 4s wasn’t much of a shocker, but overall they are solid products. They inovate, fascinate, and stimulate the public. There are not many products out there that are not living breathing individuals that get the attention and ovation that Apple Products do, especially the iPhone.

So as I close this article, I have already ordered mine, and will be anxiously awaiting the Fed Ex or UPS driver to deliver it Friday September 21, 2012. The questions I am pondering are…

1. With new Apps and even more ways to use your smartphone, how much storage did you opt to get? 16gb, 32gb or 64gb?

2. Since Apple released the White iPhone 4 late, and pretty much everyone that got a black iPhone 4 in 2010 opted to go with a white iPhone 4s in 2011… what color are you getting now in 2012?

3. Are you really excited about the design and look of the new iPhone… I mean really?

I am eager to hear what everyone says and look forward to conversing with everyone and anyone. Be well and safe.


Apple Had Clothes Back In The 80’s

I grew up in the 80’s but I don’t remember this.  Possibly because I was too young to even know what fashion was, but I can imagine how much this stuff would go for on eBay today.






The New iPad Cover From Apple


I am a big fan of the iPad, and I can’t stop talking about how innovative this piece of equipment is.  I think it amazing, and it has changed how people read, and look at books, newspapers, and magazines.

Now with technology comes a price for the product, and the iPad is not cheap.  I have an iPad and we love it.  This is our 3rd iPad after the second one was dropped and the screen cracked.  Ever since then I am adamant about the iPad being in a case of some sort.  I even wrote about a carrying case earlier.  But the case around the device is also something of huge importance as the item is just so fragile.

All the cases prior to this one from Apple I just didn’t like too much.  The first one was rubber and just not that attractive, leaving fingerprints and collecting a lot of debris.

The second one, The Smart Cover looked cool, has a cool function of turning on and off, but it was flimsy.  At times it would fall off iPad, and didn’t really protect.  So after that, I went out and purchased an aftermarket case.  Now I’m not trying to complain but the aftermarket case was just too big.  It was like carrying a book.  It was leather, so I understand about the weight, but it took away from the iPad’s sleek and sexy design.

With the new case, I think Apple has hit the bullseye.  It comes in 6 colors to choose from.  It protects the front and the back and it also even gives you the nifty Apple logo that people have come to love and adore.  It’s also one piece, so the smart cover will never be disconnected or fall off the iPad.  The material is polyurethane and it is very light and slim.  The iPad doesn’t have to be in a 3″ rubber case to be protected.  It just needs something to embrace the impact if it hits the ground.

With the bright colors to choose from and the back and front protection along with the “Smart” technology, Apple has really made it hard for aftermarket cases to compete.  The only downfall is the price at $49.99.  You would think that they just get rid of the Smart Cover only and replace it with this one.

Also, Apple is known to not have sales on products, but with an iPad case that you know is not supposed to be prestine, I’m sure down the road after a few months you can find a used one, or an aftermarket one that is similar for a way cheaper price.

All in all I want to congratulate Apple on creating something that really fits the bill for the iPad.  They are giving it protection, yet keeping the device’s design slim, sleek, and portable in ones hands.  This will also fit the Disney Retro bag that I reviewed earlier.

The Retina Display Macbook Pro vs Macbook Pro

So its here.  As of June 11th 2012, Apple made its annual announcement of new products and the star of the show is the The Next Generation Retina Display Macbook Pro.  Its pretty gorgeous in my opinion.  I wanted to hate it when it was announced, but when I saw it, I kept thinking how stunning the machine was overall.  The Retina Display screen just screams at your eyes and you just want to keep staring at what other things would look like on it.

Aestetically, it is similar to the Macbook Pro, but its trimmed down a bit.  Looking at the height, it used to be from 0.95 inches to 0.71 inchs.  About a 1/4 of the thickness is gone.  You also lose a good pound and some in weight.  Its like having a 15″ but carrying a 13″. Pretty slim and light.  The width and depth stay slightly the same with mere subtle changes.

Looking at the illustration below you got one that has a faster processor and larger hard drive vs a slower processor, smaller hard drive and a retina display.

So if you’re worried about losing some of the parts we’ve been used to on the original Macbook Pro, I’ll break it down for you.

Hands down, you have to get the Retina Display one. I will tell you why!

What you lose vs what you gain

1. You lose a bit of speed.  2.6ghz down to 2.3ghz.  You’ll hardly ever notice the difference if at all.

2. You lose space on hard drive from 750gb down to 256gb.  Trust me, you’ll be addicted to the SSD inside the new Retina Display Macbook Pro.  It starts up like an iPhone or iPad.  (For those who have Macbook Airs will know what I’m talking about)

Also, with all the new cloud storage available (iCloud, Dropbox, Google cloud), you do not need to carry everything in one laptop.  Besides that, you need to take advantage of the USB 3.0 the Macbook has to offer.  Its super fast for external hard drives once connected.  Here is an example of USB 3.0 vs USB 2.0 with the larger line representing faster speeds.

Photo taken from

3. You lose the CD Drive.  In the past year, I have used my CD drive about 3 times max.  Also you can get a used external for dirt cheap on eBay to plug into the USB.

4. You lose the ethernet port.  I was a bit sketchy on that myself, but then realized I have never had to use it in almost a year and a half.  I don’t do networking or any kind of work related in that field.  I take advantage of the Wi-Fi almost everywhere in Southern California.

5. When you get a Macbook Pro, you are going to want to drop extra money on a better screen.  So if you take the regular Macbook Pro and add a Anti-Glare Display, which also is a slight better resolution but not Retina Display, it actually jumps to 2299.99.

So hands down go for the new one.  But make sure you add 16gb of ram to your configuration.  Reason being, this is exactly like the Macbook Air.  Once you have it, you can not reconfigure it yourself.  You can not add ram, or remove the hard drive.  Everything is one piece on the inside.

I understand the additional ram will cost $200 more, but this is something that can not be changed once its done, and also it is pretty reasonable.  16gb DDR3 for Macbook Pro’s are about $125-$200 anyways.

Your out the door total will be $2399.99
And don’t forget about AppleCare if you are clumsy with your computers like I am, but you can add that at the last minute before your year warranty ends.

One more thing about the screen.  The glare effect has been reduced by up to 75% from reports on the internet.  I have seen it myself and it is true.  The screen is much brighter, colorful, and the glare is nearly gone.

Apple has definitely stepped up their game when it comes to the new Macbook.  Although many might have wanted a new overhaul design on the laptop, I think there isn’t much that can be changed that will make this computer anymore attractive.  It is stunning as it is, and with the reduced in height, and thickness, this is definitely a game changer when it comes to portability.

Pulse vs. Flipboard In My Words

I am a huge reader and spend hours on hours per day reading stuff online. It just fascinates me how much information is out there for free and what people say. Besides social media rants and raves, I especially like to read about advertising, marketing, politics, reviews of products, technology, and parenting. I really appreciate the opportunity to be able to learn something new daily.

On my iPad I have two aggregating apps that I switch to back and forth.
Pulse and Flipboard. Both are incredible apps and have really changed the way I get information. When you first download each app, they come with suggestions to what you would like to read and what is already installed. You can opt to change these and add your own interests using their easy to use search bar. You can also link your social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on to them.

Prior to Pulse I used Flipboard religiously. It was my first experience with a aggregating application and I just thought it was so damn cool. It made me want to read more and more since it was so easy to gather everything in one place. The most appealing thing about Flipboard was that it was all in a magazine layout form factor. It was like how you would hold a book or magazine. Place the iPad in one hand and use a finger from your other hand to turn the pages. Amazing! There was also a table of contents that had all your seperate sites you like so you can read each on individually or all sites as a whole. Overall Flipboard was innovative and it sucked me in.

I later learned about Pulse through a friend of mine and started to use it more and more. I like it a lot because it showed me more content per website in the rows it was placed in on the main screen. With Flipboard I had to select the site I want to visit from the table of contents and then flip the pages. But on Pulse I just scroll side to side to see headlines and then press the article I want to read per site while having up to 8 different sites per page. Its a real tough one when it comes to the two on the iPad and I still tend to use both of them depending on my mood. In the end I prefer Pulse for the iPad.

Now for the iPhone, I recommend using Pulse. The Flipboard application is great, don’t get me wrong, but it looses its magazine form factor since you flip the pages up and down. Its almost like reading a notepad. Pulse stays true to its roots and keeps the same format for the iPhone. Its smooth and even though its on a much smaller screen, you can still easily see the words and pictures especially if you are using an iPhone 4 or 4S.

If you have kids, or teenages, I recommend downloading these apps for them to use and browse through their favorite sites with. I really feel apps like this make people want to read more and more, and the more you know the better I think you are overall.

Macbook Air 13″ Sandy Bridge

I have always been a fan of Apple products and continue to appreciate them.  They are clean, stylish, and have a minimalist feel to it.  I have had a Macbook Pro, Imac, and a Macintosh II in my lifetime.  Out of all the computers I have used, nothing compares to the Macbook Air.  The reason is that this computer is perfect for me and what I use it for.  Its slick, thin, light and so easy to trasport.  I do recommend getting some kind of case for it since its so thin and light and the chance of dropping it is much higher.  This laptop works perfect for people wanting to browse the internet, check Facebook, do word processing, photo editing, or even movie editing.  This machine is a powerhouse.  Don’t let the thin form factor fool you.  Inside it has a Sandy Bridge processor, 4GB of ram and the extremely added benefit is the SSD hard drive that provides lighting fast start up, and program load times.  Also don’t forget about the high resolution screen.  The screen on this laptop is different than any of the Apple Macbook Pro’s due to its lack of glare or reflection on it.  The screen also has a higher resolution with a 13″ coming in at 1440 x 900 vs a 13″ Macbook Pro at 1280 x 800.  I know that it does has less ports and no CD drive, but this can easily be fixed by connecting a Super Drive to one of the two USB ports on the computer.  If you go with a 13″ you will also have a SD card slot that makes it easy to add photos on the fly from your DSLR camera.  So if you are in the market for any Apple laptop, consider the Macbook Air.  The 13″ or 11″ are very attrative offers, and for a regular consumer that is using it for light work and simple tasks I think that this will do fine.

The Ipad

As parents we are always looking for things that keep our kids busy, help them learn something, and keep them busy!  I can not stop talking about the iPad to parents.  I know that they are expensive and sometimes its not in ones budget, but you can find used ones on eBay for pretty cheap.  Kids will never know the difference.  The iPad is the next generation of Speak & Spell (if anyone remembers that.)  It has apps galore and most of all it keeps my daughter busy and entertained with an added bonus of learning something new.  I usually download learning games for her like Alphabet tracing, math quizzes, and some of the more popular games that her cousins have.  I will be doing reviews of the apps that I purchase for her and let you know the benefits of each and if they are worth it.