Insta Snack For 4th Of July

Instagram a photo of yourself eating an Instagram graham cracker.  Interesting what a graham cracker, with some frosting and creativity can produce.  Love it!


Iphone Home And Snooze Your Alarm Clock With This

Do you use your iPhone for your alarm clock?  Do you have it laying on a nightstand or even on the floor?  Do you ever fumble in the middle of the night looking for your iPhone?  Well if you answered “YES” to any of these questions you must check this out.

This is called the SNOOZE.  Its created by a company called Distil Union.  Right now they are participating in a Kickstarter campaign to mass produce these homes for your iPhones.

I personally think this is a cool idea!  Off the bat its attractive, unique and it gives your phone a home rather than laying on your nightstand hooked to a USB adapter.  It even functions when you have a bumper on your iPhone.

You may wonder how it works.  Its easy.  The large white SNOOZE bar on top is the flexible and she n you press on it, pressure then presses down on the volume buttons of your iPhone.  When that happens all sounds go to silent including alarm clocks, calls, and any other alert that you may have.


These are perfect for gifts and yourself if you are like me, and like to SNOOZE 2-3 times before actually getting up.

Check it out at or you can help fund this project at to see a variety of colors they come in and more info about this company.


Beautiful shoes for an exciting and loud holiday. Celebrate this 4th of July with these washed Vans LPE’s. I like how they have a  used vintage appeal with red white & blue faded.  With the low profile sole, these shoes are sure to become a classic in any collector’s closet.

You can find these at local shoe boutiques.  Not sure if these are in Vans stores, but I know they were not on last I checked.

If you are in the L.A. area you can pick these up at Undefeated or you can call DQM for Vans in New York for more info.

Havaianas Are The Thong Sandal You Need For Summer… Men’s And Women

Summer is here and its the season of bright colors to represent the warm sun and hot weather.  With that being said, you gots to have a cool pair of flip flops to slip on when you are on the go.

As a fan of loud and bright colors Havaianas are definitely the ones for me when I look for sandals.  They are reasonable in price and I love the collaborations they have.  For example, The Muppets, Batman, and Superman.

Another reason I choose Havaianas is that they are super comfy.  Its like walking on a memory foam bed.  The thong part of the shoe does not eat up between your toes either which is always a positive thing.

Here are some of my favorite picks from them.

Best Made Company Kevlar Smokejumper Belts For Men

Looking for something to spice up that casual outfit? Check these Kevlar Smokejumper Belts from Best Made Comapny.

I love the triangular alloy steel parachute harness as the belt clip.  The colors are bright and can really be that small attractive detail to complete any outfit.

Belts really are important. They make you feel confident and complete when you wear a suit, so why not throw on a cool one when you are in casual wear.

Check out for some more information.

Paul Smith Wallet For Mens


The Paul Smith Wallet

I was never a wallet kind of guy.  I used to carry money and cards in my pocket all the time.  I some ways I still do.  The reason I was never a wallet guy I think was because I thought most wallets out there were boring.  None where colorful, and most them blasted brand names on them that just didn’t interest me.

But my mom and wife insisted that I carry a wallet for all my cards so I don’t lose any of them.  I understood them.  So after holding off as long as I could, my mom surprised me with this wallet.

She said she thought it would be perfect for me. It was bright, hip and it just looked cool when you pulled it out.  The inside lining where you put your money was also a bright purple on both sides.  This wallet has lasted me many years, and while the color on the outside is fading with a mixture of denim blue ink it still has its qualities.

Paul Smith always has great quality products.  First they are all attractive colors, and very attentive to detail.  They are strong and have designs that are perfect for today’s times.  I have carried this for over 2 years and still going.  No rips or holes anywhere and it actually gets better with age.

I personally wouldn’t have purchased this for myself, but as a gift I will gladly take it.

Thanks Mom.

Matroshka Space Saving Furniture System

My jaw dropped when I found this online.  It was just too perfect to be true.  Elegant, compact, and just plain brilliant.  I love how the desk part is higher than the rest of the system.  Also the different combinations that you can work with also is just so creative.

This unit is perfect for the bachelor in a small apartment studio or even for a families that want to add a workstation / lounge to a certain room.

After seeing this unit, I had to know how much it was.  The website is and it lists the item at SEK 112,000 which in US dollars is roughly $16,410.00

If you have the money and must have it, you can order it through that web address above.  For me, it was too good to be true.

So I Saw Brave Over The Weekend


So after much anticipation by all parties in my family including myself, we finally went out and saw Brave.  We missed it on the opening weekend due to my daughter being sick, but I am kind of glad we did.  Even with some heavy hitting films coming out this past weekend, Brave was still packed.  We found some good seats, bought some popcorn, pulled out the candy and enjoyed a family friendly film.

Overall I liked the film.  I don’t think it was Disney/Pixar’s strongest film, but it has heart.  There was a decent story to be told and the film played it out well.  I expected the story to be more deep and complex but I had to remind myself that this was not intended for me, but for my 4 year old daughter.

One thing that I do have to commend is the intensity of beautiful colors that are in the film.  The hair, the backdrops, and scenes are filled with immensely bright colors that fill the big screen.  This is definitely a film that must be seen in the movie theaters with the loud speakers and dim environment.

My daughter, wife and I enjoyed the film.  There was a lot of humor in it for both adults and kids to laugh at.  Merida ( the princess and main character ) is like every girl growing up and wanting to be independent and make her own choices.  Her dad King Fergus is a jolly man with a heart of gold, while her mom the queen only wants what she thinks is best for her.

Great family fun and I definitely recommend taking the kids and calling it a movie day or night!

Remind Each Other How Much You Love And Appreciate One Another


Reminding each other how you feel is vital in a marriage or relationship.  This goes without saying that these three words mean so much and can brighten anyone’s day.  When I was younger it was always fun to leave sticky notes everywhere from the bedroom to the bathroom to remind my wife how great, how beautiful, and how much I loved her.

It was always fun and exciting to find them back from her also.  She would use different colors and actually create some pretty cool pictures from the different stickies.  (I wished I had a camera back then to capture it)

Well as we get older and with a daughter you can imagine our lives have gotten a little bit more busy.  Days go by faster, we have more to think about, more responsibilities, and more that needs to get done in a day.

With all this said its very easy to forget to tell each other how much you love them, or what they mean to you.  So if you are like me and always on the go, you must see this.

Its a frame with a printed piece of paper on the inside with the words “I love you because…”
So with a white board washable marker you can add to it everyday before you leave for work or etc. and tell them how you feel.  Its amazing how much of a better mood one feels when they see it.  Make it fun, and use different color markers or have your little one add in on it also.

You can do this by yourself at home.  All you have to do is find some decorative paper and use your word-processing program to write a little message and print it out on the paper.

This project would cost latterly under $20.00 and will put over a thousand smiles and warm feelings in one another.

Totally worth it!!!!


Reminiscing On Old Times With My Nike Dunk SB Collection

Its been a while since I thought of my old Nike Collection of Dunk SB Skateboarding sneakers.  Today seemed like a perfect day since I was writing about some shoes, so I decided to check out to see some of my old soles.

Nike Dunk SB during the early and mid 2000’s were insane.  There was such a high demand for these shoes.  They were all very limited, you saw lines on launch days, and each was selling for way over what they retailed for on ebay.  I’m not saying the hype is gone, but I think there has been a shift in fashion so if you are not a sneaker head or true collector, you may have moved on to slimmer shoes to fit your skinny jeans.

I sold my collection many years ago when my daughter was born.  It was really difficult for me since a lot of them have been barley worn.  I was very anal about wearing them, and had to make sure to clean them the minute I got home.  There were some that I wore on a regular basis and these were usually ones that weren’t too hard to get or not as rare.

I thought of all the nights I stayed up waiting in line for shoes or the amount of stores I called to see if they came in.  I also thought of all the dollars I spent on all the shoes and what I would buy now if I still had the collection to sell.

I made a small collage of my small humble collection.  This is nothing compared to some of my friends who had sometimes 2 of each color way or style.

I miss the comfort and overall funkiness of the sneaker and all the time wished i still had them. The collection sold for way more than what I paid for them and was overall happy at the time to get rid of them, but now that they are gone the only thing I can do is visit to get a glimpse here and there.