The Daddy Page!

My wife and daughter love fashion! They love walking the malls for excericse as they say, while keeping the window shopping promise in tact. But what makes me and my wife click so well is that I too love fashion. We are also fans of all types of music, we like to travel, and most important we love being around each other with our daughter.

During our times together I can’t count the amount of hours spent inside malls.  We don’t shop everyday or anything, but I think we enjoy having a place to walk with air conditioning and places to eat.  She used to wonder why I would go to the mall with her all the time, but since I was born, my own mom has dragged me to the mall. She is a shopoholic. So I have pretty much been raised inside malls all across Southern California. I have many found memories of the Food Court being built and going to watch movies in the mall while my mom would go shopping. So walking the mall with my wife and daughter is a walk down memory lane and reminds of the times I had with my mom. Funny how history repeats itself.