So I Saw Brave Over The Weekend


So after much anticipation by all parties in my family including myself, we finally went out and saw Brave.  We missed it on the opening weekend due to my daughter being sick, but I am kind of glad we did.  Even with some heavy hitting films coming out this past weekend, Brave was still packed.  We found some good seats, bought some popcorn, pulled out the candy and enjoyed a family friendly film.

Overall I liked the film.  I don’t think it was Disney/Pixar’s strongest film, but it has heart.  There was a decent story to be told and the film played it out well.  I expected the story to be more deep and complex but I had to remind myself that this was not intended for me, but for my 4 year old daughter.

One thing that I do have to commend is the intensity of beautiful colors that are in the film.  The hair, the backdrops, and scenes are filled with immensely bright colors that fill the big screen.  This is definitely a film that must be seen in the movie theaters with the loud speakers and dim environment.

My daughter, wife and I enjoyed the film.  There was a lot of humor in it for both adults and kids to laugh at.  Merida ( the princess and main character ) is like every girl growing up and wanting to be independent and make her own choices.  Her dad King Fergus is a jolly man with a heart of gold, while her mom the queen only wants what she thinks is best for her.

Great family fun and I definitely recommend taking the kids and calling it a movie day or night!


Flip And Draw Ballerina Or Princess Books

As my daughter is turning 5, I noticed her creative skills really ramping up in high gear.  I love watching her draw, paint, color, and build things that are more and more complex.  I saw this on a blog earlier in the year and was really interested in it.

Its from Mudpuppy, and they manufactuer a bunch of creative fun games and activites for the ever curious and active mind.

The book is divided into three parts that come pre-cut and allow your child to draw / color and turn parts of the page to interchange the outfits.  I like how this shows children how to to use their imagination and to try different combinations of colors, and styles.

You can check out more from Mudpuppy company at

Motion Math Hungry Fish Ipad App For Your Kids

I am always looking for new iPad games that are both entertaining and educational.

As of late, my daughter and I have been playing quiz games during our car rides.  She likes it when I ask her math questions in association with foods and toys.  Since she likes it, I feel that she is ready to learn even more, but at the same time I want it to be fun.

So I downloaded Motion Math: Hungry Fish.  Its free for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.  With 18 levels of difficulty it is a sure challenge for any toddler ready for math.

The main character in the game is a fish in the deep ocean.  The fish has a number on it and you must find ways to eat bubbles with numbers in it that add up to the number on the fish.  This game has great graphics and has good replay value.  Fun when played together with other children, and parent.

I recommend this to all parents looking for a new app, and plus its FREE!!!



Gap Denim Jacket For My Daughter, Best $29.95 I’ve Ever Spent

This has got to be the best purchase I ever made when it comes to my daughters clothes.  This jacket got the most use ever out of all her jackets, sweaters, and outerwear.  One thing I love about it, is that it is so versatile.  It goes with everything.  We have had this for over a year, and she is still wearing it.  Its perfect to go on top of hoodies during the winter, and light enough to wear on chilly summer nights.

My daughter always like to throw on some tights, skirts, leggings.  Rarely does she wear jeans, and if she does, she likes to wear colored jeans like my wife.  So this jacket goes with every outfit.  I love that it has kid friendly embrodery all over, with cool colors and neat designs.

The best $29.95 I’ve ever spent when it comes to clothes.

Calvin & Hobbes and Importance of Stuffed Animals

One of my favorite comics growing up was Calvin & Hobbes.  I really related to this comic.  Calvin had parents that did not understand him, and he relied heavily on his stuffed tiger to keep him entertained.  Children need toys to stimulate them.  I encourage my daughter all the time to play with her dolls and stuffed animals and be young.

So naturally I enjoy playing stuffed animals with my 4 year old daughter.  I hope there never comes a day where she out grows them.  I grew up very lonely without friends.  My parents did not take me around many families with kids, and with their busy work schedules and not being very outgoing, I never attended birthday parties or was involved in play groups.

I did have many stuffed animals.  And honestly they kept me company during my toddler and younger years.  Stuffed animals stimulate the brain so much.  They force the child to look at them as a friend, and make up stories and create story lines with them.

Another important fact is that they keep the child innocent.  They keep them busy and let them enjoy the beauty of being a child.

We live in a world today where we are bombarded with so much technology and marketing on television, internet, tablets, and more and I want to take her away from that as much as possible.  I want her to stay young, and to continue to imagine, and be creative.

To this date, my daughter still consistently asks me to play with her and her animals.  We create stories that she thinks of or learns from preschool and I do the voices of each one of them.  We like to play “school,” or “store,” where at the same time I teach her about math and letters.

Its a shame that Bill Waterson the creator of Calvin and Hobbes decided to retire from drawing and writing.  I still today read to her (and her stuffed animals) some of the more easy story lines from his classic comics and get a good laugh together.

A Piggy Bank With Choices

Saw this and had to share it
A great idea and gift to give to young children or baby showers.  I absolutely love the donate section of the pig as we teach young children to give to others.  They come in 4 different colors, green, purple, red, and blue.

Helping kids divide their monies will definitely be the best advise for their future.

Click here for a link to the page

iPhone Creativity

Thought these were really cool inventions and wanted to share.  I love the creativeness and play on the popular Apple iPhone.

Apple has definitely sparked the imagination of many and has helped people to think out of the box.  With an ever so growing market of cell phone accessories, you must step up your creativity and come out with great products that provide the simple needs yet keep it simple and elegant.