Beautiful shoes for an exciting and loud holiday. Celebrate this 4th of July with these washed Vans LPE’s. I like how they have a  used vintage appeal with red white & blue faded.  With the low profile sole, these shoes are sure to become a classic in any collector’s closet.

You can find these at local shoe boutiques.  Not sure if these are in Vans stores, but I know they were not on last I checked.

If you are in the L.A. area you can pick these up at Undefeated or you can call DQM for Vans in New York for more info.


Bed Stu Orleans Saddle Shoe

Bed Stu definitely has some heat coming out for the summer.  These are perfect to wear with rolled up jeans or khakis and even shorts.  I like the worn out vintage look to it, and the colors are perfect for the warm weather.  Light colors for summer yet a flare of color to add some detail.  Bed Stu always is a great shoe, and overall pretty comfortable.  They don’t need to be broken in and are ready to be worn out of the box.

Dress these with some funky socks or go sock less with some khakis and you are ready to hit the warm summer nights.

Bed Stu Orleans Saddle Shoe @ for $98.00

Herschel Supply Co. All About Detail

I recently received a Herschel Supply Little America back pack for Father’s Day as a gift from a good friend.  I have always been a fan of their products and went to go check back on their website what else they got going on.

To my surprise, their line up has signifigantly increased from last Spring when I was first introduced to them.  Herschel is a company founded by two brothers who wanted to create a timeless yet detailed oriented product for everyday use.  I agree with their vision and applaude them for excuting it.

The great thing about Herschel is that it goes with everything.  They have a set of colors that are more standard with the grays, blacks, and blues, but also for the spring line they have brought out some very colorful bright selections as well.

Their line up now includes a variety of backpacks, sidebags, wallets, and laptop/ipad cases

What I love about them the most is the subtle look on the outside and the detail inside the bag.  My gray Little America has brown straps on the outside that are actually magnet straps that you can lift without unbuckling.  Easy and quick for   packing or unpacking.  The top compartment is very large with room for a 15″ laptop with soft padded material inside.  Room for a cell phone with some leather detail.

Overall its very roomy and very comfortable to carry due to the padded back and more modern straps.  I like the overall appeal that this bag has to offer since its can be worn both professionally and candidly.

Check them out at or any other department stores.

Tretorn ‘Skymra’ Sneaker Appropriate For The Summer

Nothing like sneakers to brighten my day and night, especially these Tretorn Skymra Sneakers!  Love the lime color and the subtle detail stitching on the side of the shoe.  The back also has a contrast of color blocks that complete an already flashy sneaker that sits on a low profile sole.

$69.95 at Nordstroms

Vans Vault Summer 2012 The Tropical Look


My wife is always on the cusp of fashion since she follows it so much.  She tells me that it all starts in Europe and slowly comes over here, and that the tropical pattern is making a big statement overseas.

She showed me these shoes prior to Father’s Day and asked me what I thought of them.  Of course I loved them!  Vans = Awesome, White = Awesome, Tropical = Why not? It’s summer!

Vans Vault series is a limited run with a handful of shoes sold per season.  The series to my knowledge is only sold in shoe boutiques and some online web stores.
Check out for more information

I personally love the styles they bring out as most of the designs are curated by great artists.  Very unique and definitely different.

Sock it up with some Richer & Poorer

Anyone who appreciates detail will love Richer + Poorer socks.  They are fashionable, comfy, loud, and will make any outfit you wear a bit more complete.  Many guys get nice jeans, nice shirts, nice shoes, but they forget about the smaller things such as socks.  Well R & P is here to help.  They have so many different designs to choose from.  Loud, vivid, to sublte and simple.  They can enhance your jeans, t-shirt and sneaker days into something more interesting and trust me, people will notice.  So wheter you are wearing some shorts, jeans, or going out at night, include a splash of fun and excitement to your wardrobe with Richer + Poorer socks.  Its the attention to detail that will get you noticed in the crowd.

John Vavatos Star USA Hipster Chukka Boot Review

So during the winter of 2011, I started to hunt for the perfect chukka boot.  Luckily I came across these babies.  John Varvatos USA Hipster Chukka is an amazing boot.  They are comfortable, versitile, and amazing to look at.  I get compliments everywhere I go when people look down at my feet, and they compliment any outfit (Especially if you have some funky socks on.)

These boots do not require any break in period.  They are ready to wear out of the box.  The Chukka has a rounded toe, fine stitching detail all around, and distressed suede all over makes this boot one of my most fashionable yet comfortable shoes I own.  Another great thing is the boot is very light, with a medium weight leather insole.  I definitely recommend these chukkas to anyone looking to push their shoe game towards a more upscale look.