Iphone Home And Snooze Your Alarm Clock With This

Do you use your iPhone for your alarm clock?  Do you have it laying on a nightstand or even on the floor?  Do you ever fumble in the middle of the night looking for your iPhone?  Well if you answered “YES” to any of these questions you must check this out.

This is called the SNOOZE.  Its created by a company called Distil Union.  Right now they are participating in a Kickstarter campaign to mass produce these homes for your iPhones.

I personally think this is a cool idea!  Off the bat its attractive, unique and it gives your phone a home rather than laying on your nightstand hooked to a USB adapter.  It even functions when you have a bumper on your iPhone.

You may wonder how it works.  Its easy.  The large white SNOOZE bar on top is the flexible and she n you press on it, pressure then presses down on the volume buttons of your iPhone.  When that happens all sounds go to silent including alarm clocks, calls, and any other alert that you may have.


These are perfect for gifts and yourself if you are like me, and like to SNOOZE 2-3 times before actually getting up.

Check it out at http://www.distilunion.com/ or you can help fund this project at kickstarter.com to see a variety of colors they come in and more info about this company.


Best Made Company Kevlar Smokejumper Belts For Men

Looking for something to spice up that casual outfit? Check these Kevlar Smokejumper Belts from Best Made Comapny.

I love the triangular alloy steel parachute harness as the belt clip.  The colors are bright and can really be that small attractive detail to complete any outfit.

Belts really are important. They make you feel confident and complete when you wear a suit, so why not throw on a cool one when you are in casual wear.

Check out www.bestmadeco.com for some more information.

The Billabong Legend Fedora Hat For Mens

When I saw this I was very impressed.  This is the new summer fedora from Billabong.  Very nicely constructed with a good weight.  Material is good quality, and strong to keep its shape.

What stands out to me is not only the chambray, but the short curled bill.  There are many fedoras out in the market that have a curl then a strait part of the bill, and that’s just not my style.  I like mine to be curled evenly around and most important a hat that keeps its form.

This hat will go good with any summer outfit, shorts, sandals, tanks, you name it.  I recommend wearing this during the mornings or afternoons.  If you consider wearing it for night time, I suggest getting the black one.

For $35.00 at billabong.com or your local beach surf shop.

Herschel Supply Co. All About Detail

I recently received a Herschel Supply Little America back pack for Father’s Day as a gift from a good friend.  I have always been a fan of their products and went to go check back on their website what else they got going on.

To my surprise, their line up has signifigantly increased from last Spring when I was first introduced to them.  Herschel is a company founded by two brothers who wanted to create a timeless yet detailed oriented product for everyday use.  I agree with their vision and applaude them for excuting it.

The great thing about Herschel is that it goes with everything.  They have a set of colors that are more standard with the grays, blacks, and blues, but also for the spring line they have brought out some very colorful bright selections as well.

Their line up now includes a variety of backpacks, sidebags, wallets, and laptop/ipad cases

What I love about them the most is the subtle look on the outside and the detail inside the bag.  My gray Little America has brown straps on the outside that are actually magnet straps that you can lift without unbuckling.  Easy and quick for   packing or unpacking.  The top compartment is very large with room for a 15″ laptop with soft padded material inside.  Room for a cell phone with some leather detail.

Overall its very roomy and very comfortable to carry due to the padded back and more modern straps.  I like the overall appeal that this bag has to offer since its can be worn both professionally and candidly.

Check them out at http://www.herschelsupply.com or any other department stores.

Give A Gift Of Sight With Toms Sunglasses This Summer

Wow, just checked out Toms.com and saw there new sunglasses for the summer.  Love the new colors they are pushing out and the new styles also.  For mens they offer you four styles.  Two of them are reminiscent of the Ray Ban Wayfarer one being a smaller style frame (show above), and the other two styles are aviator type sunglasses.

The men’s overlap into women’s options with an additional two more styles offered.

My favorite are the Wayfarers for men.  I love the detail on all the ear pieces where it has different color tips.  The colors are vibrant and fun and make these stand out.  The overall construction of these glasses are solid also, and not flimsy or cheap material used.

As with any Toms product, they always find a way to give back to people in need.  With there One for One campaigns they are helping with either medical treatment for eyes, prescription glasses, or eye surgery.

So if you are looking for sunglasses this summer, consider Toms.  The prices are reasonable and its always good to give back.

Mens Accessories At Urban Outfitters

Bracelets for mens is becoming increasingly popular with many summer themes.  In the past months I have seen my wife collecting more and more bracelets, of all sorts.  From old school Friendship Bracelets to modern ones with metal and plastic pieces interwoven into them.

Also on Instagram there would be the hashtag #armcharm #armcandy and so on, ever increasing the fad of a arm full of bracelets of some sort.

Well what do men have?  On Fancy, I have noticed in the mens section that there are many posts about mens bracelets and jewelry.  I am not talking about high end expensive gold, silver, diamond jewelry.  I am talking about wooden, string, leather, and subtle jewelry like women’s arm candy.  These are very attractive in being very manly yet being able to compliment a style you are trying to achieve.  I saw these on Urban Outfitters website while browsing for some accessories.

Keeping Your Headgear In Style With The Brixton Busker

I have been a fan of Brixton hats for quite sometime.  One of my favorite from their line is the Busker. I currently have a blue railroad pinstripe Busker that I have worn out, and I think its time for an upgrade.  Brixton makes really good quality hats.  They are comfortable, the soft lining on the inside keeps your head cool and overall they always give you quality materials.

If you are looking to stray away from traditional baseball caps and snapbacks try Brixton.  They are always fashionable, and have tons of styles and colors to choose from.

Never Ever Wonder Where Your Keys Are

Who loses keys?  I do!  I am terrible at finding my keys, wallet, and phone.  My 4 year old daughter will now remind me from years of hearing my wife say those exact things before I leave the house.

When I do find my keys I always tell my wife that someone should create an remote of some sort to help people like myself find things in the house.  I mean its there, but you just can’t remember where you put it.

Well the time has come and it works with the magical iPhone.

So now the only thing is that, YOU CAN’T LOSE YOUR PHONE!

You can purchase this item through thefancy.com for $66.00
Makes a great gift for your husband or wife or anyone else like myself who is constantly losing thins.

9five Watson Sunglasses My Father’s Day Gift

I am terrible with sunglasses.  I am lucky if I can go 4 months without losing them.  My wife thinks I lose them on purpose so I can get new ones.  This year alone, I have lost 2 Ray Bans and a pair of Carerras fell in a public toilet.  ( I consider that a total loss )

So for Father’s Day my wife and daughter purchased a new pair for me.  Since I always purchase the same colors which are grays and blacks for sunglasses, they picked out something different for me to get through the summer.

I like these a lot. Very comfortable and a good weight on my face.  Not light and flimsy.  Constructed well.  I especially like the frost frame.  Its been a while since I have added a variation to my choice of color.  The only complaint I do have is that I wish the lens color was a bit darker, but overall I’m a happy camper.

These are from a company that inspires from skateboarding culture called 9Five.  The style is called the Watson and was purchased from Zappos.com for $64.00


Words Tell You Time With Biegert & Funk Watches

After decades and even a century at seeing numbers when you look at your watch, there is now a day when words will tell you what time it is.  I am looking forward to this watch by the very creative team of Biegert & Funk.  They already have a wall clock and desk clock in the same design, but to put one on your wrist will be WAY COOL!

Available in Autumn of this year.  Definitely going to give you a new experience with telling time.