Get some exercise in with TRX

Here’s a pic of a good friend of mine showing a new home exercise system called TRX. I am excited to try it out but wanted to share it with you guys too and hear what you’ll think about it.


Two Weeks With My iPhone 5

So its been two weeks since the tech giant Apple has released the infamous iPhone 5. I got mine on the first day by pre-ordering it online when it was announced. 10:25A.M. and my package arrived courtesy of UPS.  Unfortunatley I wasn’t home to greet them, but I immediately opened it once I did get home.

My first impressions was that it was sexy to look at.  I got the black one, and even though it looked like a longer version of the iPhone 4, 4s, it still looked really clean and impressive.  The way Apple coated the band around the phone was so complimentary of the whole phone itself.  The matte black on the back also helped finish the overall look.

I will admit though that I was a little irritated that Apple didn’t come out with a whole new look.  I was looking forward to not just a longer iPhone but a slightly wider iPhone too.  I also wanted to see a possible curve on the back to where it would rest in your hand more comfortably.

Another thought would be to offer something else besides black and white.  Apple has stayed true to these two colors for so long yet they offer silver computers and laptops.

The first couple hours of using the phone, I didn’t feel like there was much difference.  Yes the screen is longer, but 95% of the apps were not utilizing it.  You can still see black space on the top and bottom of the screen.

That night I went out with some friends to go hang out at some popular spots.  To my surprise, no one else had the new iPhone.  I remember reading that Apple sold some 8 million units during pre-sale and so forth, but looking around no one had the 5.  I was shocked.  I started to ask people that were at the table and only two out of the 6 said they pre-ordered the phone, but unfortunately their shipment ws delayed.

The next day I went to work at my job and again no one had the new iPhone.  Are people getting bored of the phone?  Was the design to similar?  Were people waiting to get upgrade eligibility before getting it?  Or do people know that the 5S was going to be the next model and that it would be exactly the same?

For whatever reason it was, I asked my wife if she saw any of her friends, family, or co-workers with the phone and she also told me she was the only one.

So its been two weeks since I have had my new iPhone 5.  I have not touched my old 4S during this time, and yesterday was the first time I grabbed it so i could delete the data and put it up on eBay.  Let me tell you, I could see a huge difference.  The 4S seemed so obsolete and ancient.  It was like holding something that was of the past.

The screen was small, and seemed somewhat dull.  The iPhone 4S was also heavy in comparisson to the 5 and it was just unattractive.

Apple has a way to make consumers feel like they are holding something new, fresh, and elite when a new product comes out.  They are magicians at that.  Even though the phone esthetics are 80% similar and there are a few minor adjustments, it really really makes a difference.

Overall I am extrememly happy with the new iPhone 5.  Apps all around are starting to adjust to the height of the screen as my Apps Store is constantly informing me of APP updates.  Games, email, work apps, and other apps look so much better when they are utilizing the full screen.

I have always gone with the smalled storages when purchasing iPhones.  First was 8GB then 16GB but this time around I have opted to go with 32GB.  Reason for this is because with all the music I carry and photos that I am constantly shooting.

For anyone that is looking for an upgrade, I suggest you make the switch.  You can easily sell your iPhone 4 or 4S to cover your costs and maybe come out of pocket a little, but trust me, you will definitely see a difference.

John Varvatos & Converse All Stars Killin It With This New Collaboration


$170.00 @ Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, John Varvatos Retail Stores

Love this collab!  The colors, the weathered look, and the overall appeal is perfect for the Fall 2012 season.  Put this with some dark selvedge rinsed denim, funky socks, black top, and even a light jacket, and your outfit is complete.

If anyone wants to donate these for me to review please feel free to message me!  Thanks in advance.

Hey Look! Comme Des Garcons X Converse In A Size 12!!!


I found a 12, but I must share my story with you….

It really upsets me that Converse or Comme Des Garcons do not produce these cool shoes in a size 12 Jack Purcell, or an 11.5 in Converse All Stars.  I am a big fan of this shoe, and would purchase all of the colorways.

I don’t know what it is about these shoes, but in reality they are just plain old Jack Purcells with a red heart on the side with some eyeballs, and a contrast black or white stripe on the back heel. (They come in both off white and black Jack Purcells & All Stars Chuck Taylors)

But you know what?  Those little subtle details is what makes this shoe stand out.  I know this.  I am obsessed with these shoes so when I found out they did not make 12’s or 11.5 I freaked and researched until I was blue in the face.

I called all around the world, emailed stores, and even made some friends along the way.  What I found out was that they used to make size 12 when they first came out a couple of years ago, when the shoe was manufactured out in the US, but since CDG is based in Japan they have now moved the manufacturing to Japan, and the largest size they make is a US 11 in all styles.

BUMMER!!!! So if Converse or Comme Des Garcons is reading this.  Please make 12’s or 11.5 or bigger sizes.  For those that know me… Yes I am still complaining and instagramming is not getting my message across fast enough.

Oh, BTW… I found these from a shoe collector who purchased them from another shoe collector and was in MINT condition, worn only twice.

The iPhone 5 Is Here And Everyone Is Once Again Drooling….

I am definitely not hating. I am so happy that Apple is introducing the next generation in smart phones. I really believe that they revolutionized the way people look and use their phones, and they deserve to be getting this much attention.

What I really am excitied to see is the panamonium that will start as we get closer and closer to release day. With pre-orders already sold out in a matter of 2 hours, and for the people that didn’t get it online, well its going to be a search and rescue attempt on Friday September 21.

Lines of sleepless, eager, anticipating individuals are going to be forming outside of cell phone stores, and Apple stores and any store that may hint they are going to be selling the iPhone.

I was telling my wife, how this one product stimulates the econonmy so much, and that’s why I believe they deserve the hype it gets. Not only does Apple, and cellular companies make money, but there are so many different tiers that go down from there. Headphones, cases, bumpers, sleeves, screen guards, charms, adapters, speakers, usb for cars, microphones, apps, developers, games, and the list goes on and on. And this is off of one product.

Apple is a brand that I genuinely admire. I lost a bit of love for them when everyone started to jump on the bandwagon a couple of years ago, and also the iPhone 4s wasn’t much of a shocker, but overall they are solid products. They inovate, fascinate, and stimulate the public. There are not many products out there that are not living breathing individuals that get the attention and ovation that Apple Products do, especially the iPhone.

So as I close this article, I have already ordered mine, and will be anxiously awaiting the Fed Ex or UPS driver to deliver it Friday September 21, 2012. The questions I am pondering are…

1. With new Apps and even more ways to use your smartphone, how much storage did you opt to get? 16gb, 32gb or 64gb?

2. Since Apple released the White iPhone 4 late, and pretty much everyone that got a black iPhone 4 in 2010 opted to go with a white iPhone 4s in 2011… what color are you getting now in 2012?

3. Are you really excited about the design and look of the new iPhone… I mean really?

I am eager to hear what everyone says and look forward to conversing with everyone and anyone. Be well and safe.

Daughter Turned 5! Birthdays Are So Bittersweet

Its always bittersweet when my daughter has a birthday.  I am so happy to see her being excited and anticipating the day and party, but at the same time I can’t help but want to hold time still and possibly even have powers to rewind back.

I know all parents say this, but 5 years has gone by way too fast.  I still think back to the day she was born, crawling, first steps, pacifier and cloth days, diapers, and first words.  Then I think of all her birthdays and how it has been unfair that it has been gone to fast.

This years theme was after the movie Brave from Disney.  We gave away tons and tons of candy of course to all her cousins and friends.  For food we cooked BBQ chicken breast, mac & cheese, BBQ beans, hot dogs, BBQ chicken legs & wings, and lots of bread rolls.

Kids all had fun since we sugared them all up and gave away tons of bows and arrows we picked up on Amazon.  They were novelty items, and were not meant for long term play.  For a pack of 10 bows & (3) arrows per bow was $8.99.  Relatively cheap to keep 30 kids occupied.

We also laid out a crafts rug where we had tons of markers, cut outs, felt, soft letter shapes, and more for kids to create and make art.  Next to that was a Lego table that had hundreds of pieces from my own personal childhood and we left them for kids to build but not take home.  Sorry.

Overall the party was amazing.  My daughter had a great time and the presents were all so thoughtful.  I have already noticed a change in her since she has turned 5 and to me it makes me proud and sad.  I guess I’ll have to hold on to what I can before she really grows up.

Hours Of Fun With Disney Store Brave Bow And Arrow Set

Since the release of Brave, my daughter has been amazed by this young strong minded princess who is the leading character of the movie.  She admires her strong will and especially how she can shoot an arrow like no one’s business.

So naturally after the movie she wanted me to get her a real bow and arrow set.  Now since she just turned 5, I let her know that it wasn’t a good idea, and maybe we can find a toy bow and arrow set instead.

Prior to the movie, I remember seeing the Brave Bow & Arrow set at all the Disney stores that we walked into.  Although they said on the packaging “LIMITED EDITION,” I thought it was just a marketing ploy and that Disney would keep pushing them especially after the movie.

Well I was wrong.  They were sold out once the movie premiered and stayed that way for quite sometime.  I called about 10 Disney Stores in the area and none were available.  Luckily a couple weeks later I walked in with my daughter to look at some stuffed animals and we saw 2 hanging on a hanger.

I immediately bought both and since then it has been hours and hours of fun.  Who knew that shooting around a bow and arrow (the arrow is actually a suction cup at the end) would be so much fun with your 5 year old.

The set comes with a belt, and bow, 4 arrows, and a tube to hold the arrows.  Your child will have so much fun indoors and outdoors with this.

I recommend this item if you are able to find it.  It retails for $19.95 at the Disney Store, but if its sold out and you are desperate you may be able to find them on eBay but for a premium price.

Check out periodically as they might pop up.

Ikea Augmented Reality Catalog for 2013. Blows Me Away!

Its amazing how far Ikea has come along.  A company that gave people vivid living rooms, bedrooms and more with their beautiful furniture.  I remember how colorful and exciting their catalogs were.  It was always exciting to pick one up and imagine how your present or future home would look like with all their furniture.

During my years in college, Ikea catalogs were iconic.  Every time I had a guest over during my college years, they always picked up the Ikea catalog.  Now 10 years later, they have pushed the envelop and took it to a whole new level.

Their new catalog is for the Apple iPad, iPhone, and Android smart phones.  These catalogs are beautiful and only a video can really show you how it works.

Available for download July 31 2012

Watch below, and be amazed.

Nudie Grim Tim 46 Dips Selvage Raw Denim Review

With an 13.5oz Turkish denim these jeans are going to need some work breaking in.  For my 3rd pair of Nudie’s I want to let you know that this one is unlike the first two I reviewed.  The Grim Tim Dirt Dry Organic was stiff when I first got them, but nothing like the 46 Dips Grim Tim.  This one is hardcore.

If you are looking for a jean to wear everyday and work on, this would be it.  The jean feels so tightly constructed with tight Turkish denim.  The denim is dark (darker than Dirt Dry Organic or Dry Open Selvage),  it is a way tighter fit, and is shorter than the Dirt Dry Organic.  It is the same length as the Dry Open Selvage and I think its because Nudie knows that you will stretch these out after a couple of wears.

I have mentioned this before in my earlier posts and I’m not one to just wear one pair over and over while breaking them in.  I love raw selvedge denim looking to purchase a couple to rotate.  With these, I feel that I need to wear these out a bit to give it a good stretch.

Luckily the waist is high and not low waisted, otherwise these would have been returned.  The thighs are very slim and tight when you first put them on, but loosen up with time.  The knee stretches out well every time to sit down and the rest of the leg feels close to your skin. The 46 Dips will definitely take more time than the Dirt Dry Organic or Open Dry Selvage.

I would compare the stiffness to a brand new pair of A.P.C. New Cure jeans when you first get them and times that by 2.  Yes they are that stiff.

Don’t let that deter you away from getting your true to size waist.  I do not suggest sizing down on these, and if you are on the fence I would even recommend sizing up one.

Overall these are amazing jeans.  The cut is the slimmest of Grim Tim’s I’ve tried on.  Comparable fits would include Levi’s 511, Apc New Cure but with a slimmer below knee cut silhouette.  Naked and Famous Skinny Guy is a almost identical fit, but Grim Tim has a tad bit lower crotch and higher waist.