Hours Of Fun With Disney Store Brave Bow And Arrow Set

Since the release of Brave, my daughter has been amazed by this young strong minded princess who is the leading character of the movie.  She admires her strong will and especially how she can shoot an arrow like no one’s business.

So naturally after the movie she wanted me to get her a real bow and arrow set.  Now since she just turned 5, I let her know that it wasn’t a good idea, and maybe we can find a toy bow and arrow set instead.

Prior to the movie, I remember seeing the Brave Bow & Arrow set at all the Disney stores that we walked into.  Although they said on the packaging “LIMITED EDITION,” I thought it was just a marketing ploy and that Disney would keep pushing them especially after the movie.

Well I was wrong.  They were sold out once the movie premiered and stayed that way for quite sometime.  I called about 10 Disney Stores in the area and none were available.  Luckily a couple weeks later I walked in with my daughter to look at some stuffed animals and we saw 2 hanging on a hanger.

I immediately bought both and since then it has been hours and hours of fun.  Who knew that shooting around a bow and arrow (the arrow is actually a suction cup at the end) would be so much fun with your 5 year old.

The set comes with a belt, and bow, 4 arrows, and a tube to hold the arrows.  Your child will have so much fun indoors and outdoors with this.

I recommend this item if you are able to find it.  It retails for $19.95 at the Disney Store, but if its sold out and you are desperate you may be able to find them on eBay but for a premium price.

Check out http://www.disneystore.com periodically as they might pop up.


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