I Must Applause Creativity Today!

My wife loves to visit the sites Pinterest, Etsy, and recently thefancy.com.  While I browse it here and there I just can’t help but to notice how creative individuals are today.  Its great to see ideas that people come up with and are able to showcase their skills and craftsmanship in products that they are passionate about.  Just getting off of thefancy.com, I was amazed at some of the beautiful minimalist products that look elegant and sophisticated to the human eye.

Here are some examples that I had to share.Image





Growing up in a house of clutter and lots of stuff everywhere, I really appreciate neatness, clean, and open space.  Seeing all these inventions and creations makes me realize that there are so many fresh ideas out there in the world and the possibilities continue to be endless.  If you have great ideas, take a chance and make it happen.  I know that you will all succed if you believe in yourselves.


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